Mar. 31st, 2011

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Sooo, feeling kind of sick today I stayed mainly in bed (yes, I'm also lazy) and read a lot of board discussions and articles and studies about nuclear energy, specifically (after Fukushima started depressing me a bit too much) about Germany's plans to abandon nuclear energy.

What I found very... weird and weirdly angry was among others and article from an English newspaper where they...
1.) called Germans idiots for not wanting nuclear energy
2.) moaned about how Germany doesn't pay enough to save the Euro
Last which I found curious 'cause I didn't know the UK had such a emotional opinion of the Euro...

But yeah, all the "waaaahhh, all Germans are unrealstic idiots, we will always need nuclear energy!!" (which you can read a lot on German boards, too, and I guess in contrast to some of the people going "we are gonna abandon nuclear energy until 2015, hurr hurr" has it's place, kinda balancing it out...) stroke me kinda... odd.

I mean, maybe probably the way I was raised plays a role in my current opinion of the whole deal, but really? How can you cling to something like decades old power plants and at the same time say "no, it is very scientific, I am a scientist, you know". I always thought scientists would be about innovation? Oh well.

And who I find... funny are all the people going "no, we can't not have those power plants! We'll have blackouts all the time!". ... Yes, because we have soooo many now that the old ones aren't supplying the German power network at the moment? ...

I don't even know why I have such a strong opinion on the matter. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Or no, scratch that, I just wish I was more savvy in the area, so I wouldn't have to rely on information I can find. :/

... Did somebody even read all my rambling? Heh.


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