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OMG, you guys, I went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" with some friends today, and I liked it sooo muchhhhh~! ♥

We went to see it in the original version, undubbed, which was nice, too. I was actually kind of worried, because just some months ago, I had some problems with understanding British English, but it turns out my remedy of watching British shows on YouTube really helped, so I understood everything! :D Though it was quite a change hearing their original voices. I watched all the other films dubbed in German, because I was too lazy to care... xD But now we made an effort and went to the cinema at Potsdamer Platz where they show the original versions, and that was nice. Even though we had to watch it in 3D which I really still don't like. <<

Some spoilers and fangirling behind the cut! )

So, I guess that's enough rambling! :P Did you already see it? Any thoughts? Do you plan to?
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I haven't posted in such a long time, so maybe I should. :)

Today, I visited the "Grüne Woche" here in Berlin with a friend. The entrance fee was kind of expensive (wel,, 8€ for students), so I really couldn't afford to buy a lot, but it was still nice to wander around and look and all those country booths. :) But I did eat some poffertjes and a Thüringer Rostbratwurst (what's that in English? I don't know...) and that was so tasty, I can't be too sad about not buying anything. :)
It's a really big fair, so we walked a lot. A LOT. Now my feet hurt and I just don't want to get up again... xD

On a different note: I'm thinking of going to see a movie tomorrow, and am debating between Rapunzel and Black Swan. Has anyone here seen them or one of them and has thoughts on the matter? :)

*hugs her f-list*
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Sadly, you can only view this as a preparation for a new entry. (God, I haven't written something in English for such a long time! It's all... rusty.)

Actually, quite some stuff happened since my last update, but I've just been too lazy to tell. :/

But I could possibly tell you lots of things! :D And I promised to write more often in the future.

So... I could tell you about...

My new flat! :D But I'd rather do that with photos and stuff when I'm back in Berlin. ;) Let's just say for now, it's big, I like it, but I hate that's on the ground floor. (What's "Erdgeschoss" in English anyway?)

My opinion on the oh so popular films Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes. Because I couldn't quite get why they were oh so popular...

How I loved Final Fantasy XIII and how I don't get all the hate. I could understand if some people don't like it, but the constant bashing? I guess that's because FF is such a popular "brand". I bet the same people who fawn over VII, would hate on it so much if it was released now, but meh.

Other than that? Apocalytptic storm today was apocalyptic!

Will be back writing more. ;)
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Hey there, I don't even know why I'm writing this entry, I don't really have anything to say. Maybe it should be to practise my English, I have the feeling that since I don't have school anymore, it's gotten worse and worse... =_=

Also, there's Connichi just one kilometre (or something) away from where I live, but I haven't bought a ticket, I always felt like I had more important things to do. And now I regret it! Urgh. Anyway, at least there's a lot to do tomorrow (going to an icehockey match and listening to the SPD's Kanzlerkandidat...).
Oh God! That reminds me of... you probaly know the "Wahl-o-mat" which tells you how much your opinions agrees with which political party? I wish I hadn't taken it this time, because wanna know which party came in fourth? The fucking NPD. I am so pissed. And sad, why do I agree with fucking Nazis?! Well, okay, of course I looked up which where the opinions that were the same and it was stuff like "no study fees" and such, but it still makes me so very mad! >(

On to a lighter topic: Yesterday I went to see "Inglorious Basterds" and wow. I hate that movie. Well, maybe hate's too strong a word, but I just didn't like it. I found it boring and blah. Also Bela B's little cameo irritated me. I don't know why either...

But last weekend (when I was in Frankfurt (Main) to visit a friend) we watched "Love Exposure", it's a Japanese film of four hours and it's the weirdest film I've ever seen. Really. But I still loved it and hereby reccomend it. Don't waste money on that Tarantino flick instead rather watch this weird but awesome film by Sion Sono! :)

Okay, okay, that's it for now.

... I'm still pissed about the NPD thing, you can't imagine how much...

PS: Wenigstens ist mein Studentenausweis heute angekommen!
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I watched the new Star Trek movie today! :D [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan and I went to see it, and I told everyone beforehand "well, I think it will suck". But it didn't! In fact, I really, really liked it! :D At least I think I did, most time I was too busy staring at Kirk's eyes. And thinking "Oh, hi, Sylar!" xD
I thought, it wasn't as good as Star Trek 4 or 5, but it had action and funny moment and special effects like woah. And Chekov and Scotty and... Pille (McCoy! I don't know how he's called in English! D:) I just could hug them all, but Chekov the most. (I think it's the Russian accent... ♥)
The only thing is, I found the story itself kinda... strange. cut for spoilers )

But it was still cool. And funny. And those eyes!. And anyway, I wouldn't have thought I'd say this, but go watch the movie! It's fun! :)

*is gonna watch Voyager now out of nostalgia*

Movies. <3

May. 20th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Today my friend Katharina and I went to the movies to watch "What Happens in Vegas..." and I have to admit... I like this film. A lot. xD Sometimes I just need to see some romantic comedy stuff. :) And I think Ashton Kutcher looks cute! xD

Another thing I have to admit: I actually liked Spiderman 3 most of the trilogy. (Bought it today. :)) But that could have to do with Harry eating pie and smiling. xD *points at icon* I just thought it was a funny film. With Peter dancing and thinking he was the coolest. xDDD Ahh~ have to watch it tomorrow. :)

Oh, and I bought the novel "Berlin Alexanderplatz" written by Alfred Döblin. I really like the writing style. And I want to be a little more informed about the "Neue Sachlichkeit", I think it was an interesting epoch. :)

Wow, that was blah, wasn't it?

I should never have uploaded this icon, I can't stop staring at it. *squee* So adorable!


May. 17th, 2008 12:25 am
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I finally watched the Supernatural S3 finale and... *flails* I don't even know if I really liked it or not. I'm just flailing!

Ohhh, Deeeeeaaaaaaan. ;___;

*flails some more*

Anyway, today I finally watched The Shining (which I had only read until know) and wow, I know why people like this film. But I still thought the book was a lot cooler. Now I know that you can't adapt books so that everyone likes it, but something by Stephen King where nothing burns down at the end, is just not the same. :/
I guess Jack Nicholson made up for it though. (Yay, for reviews by me of films which are older than me? xD)

I also watched The Messengers which was kinda cool and scary, but I found it so easy to figure out. :/ Kinda like The Sixth Sense where I knew what the plot was after... the prologue thing, really. xD

In conclusion: Cool movies, I recommend both of them.

And now please excuse me, I have to flail some more about the Supernatural finale. *runs away flailing*
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Okay, zuerst mal kurz was auf Deutsch! Ich habe endlich einen Praktikumsplatz! :DDD~ Yay~~~!! Und zwar beim Wartberg Verlag. War heute da zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch. (Natürlich hab ich mich aufm Weg dreimal verfahren, der Verlag liegt aufm Land. War so klar! -_-) Und was ich da so zu sehen kriege klingt schon sehr interessant! :D Kann da u.a. im Lektorat mithelfen.
Da freu ich mich doch schon fast aufs Praktikum. ;)


Okay, and let's continue in English! :D Today, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan and I met to drink coffee (I <3 it! xD) and watch Jumper (which I <3 less! xD). So here's my movie review. ;)

I thought the film was okay. No, I really did. I didn't expect too much from the beginning and yeah, it met my non-expectations.
I don't think Hayden Christensen is as sexy as he thinks he is, but I like Jamie Bell. He's cute! :3 And I liked his role. Hayden Christensen's role (David) was kinda annoying and I really didn't like Millie. She was... well, annoying. :/ The story didn't really impress me either, but, hey, was okay.
BUT! Cut for spoiler for the end... )

I'd give this film a... 4/10. ^-^ It's... the German word is "kurzweilig". That's what this film is. (I think in English it's... entertaining? But this isn't quite the right word. It doesn't describe this film as good as "kurzweilig" does. /linguistic nitpickery)

So, let's have some memes, shall we? I stole all those from [livejournal.com profile] flamie_chan. 'Cause she's curious what my results would be. :)

And of course there's a cut for this many memes. ;) )
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Today I went to see "Juno"! It's really such a cute film. I was worried that it couldn't meet my expectations, but it did. :) It's so nice to see a film which doesn't consist of clichés. :D

And then I went to a bar with my friend Soffie. It was... fun. xD We had to celebrate that she finally finished her "Hausarbeit" thingy. :D Yay her!

And I updated my sticky post! :D I linked my original fic (German) and my fanarts. :D Go take a look. I love sticky posts. <3

And typing this three paragraphs really took me longer than it should have! xD Being tipsy and on LJ: not such a bright idea. xD (But I can still speak English! It's amazing! xDDD)

ETA: And I remember how this "Hausarbeit" thingy is called! Facharbeit!! xD She did it on Galileo Galilei by Brecht. ^^
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Memes are just so... *sighs* they're just good against boredom, I guess. (They also help if you want to get your mind of school! ^^;)

Have the solutions to the movie meme in my last post! :D (German titles in brackets if they differ.)

I <3 quotes! :D )

And do you know all the films? Btw, Murder by Death is the best film ever! XD


I'm bored. :/ Let's make a series meme out of this movie meme, shall we? :D

1. Pick 10 of your favourite TV shows.
2. Go to IMDb (or TV.com or whatever) and find a quote from each TV show.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

GUESS AWAY!! :DDD (I tried to pick easy quotes. ;)) )

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, know any? :3

Argh, I don't like Miranda Cosgrove's German dub voice in iCarly! D: Why couldn't they keep the voice she had in Drake & Josh?!

ETA: WHY IS THAT iCARLY THEME SONG IN GERMAN?!! >____< IT'S SOUNDS INCREDIBLY STUPID! Is Nick planning on reaching the level of RTL2 or what?!
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The first meme is a song meme which is insanely long! XD Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] night_songs_93

Music Meme: Go through your iTunes A-Z and list your 5 favorite songs for each letter.

So there's a cut! )


And the second one is an movie meme. :) Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan. <3

1. Pick 10 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand cut! )

Random information: Sweeney Todd is an awesome movie! Me heartz it!
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I had a very nice weekend! :D And now I'll just share it with the world! *cackles evilly*

On Friday I went to see Dieter Nuhr (German comedian) and it was so much fun! My uncle and my aunt gave us the tickets for Christmas, and I think, it was a wondeful present. <3 I have to admit that Dieter Nuhr is my favourite comedian. I think because his jokes are kinda... educated. I like intelligent humor.
I'm sorry for all you Americans that don't know / understand this guy! XDDD

Yesterday some friends (Sophia, Soffie, Katha and Corinna) and I had a horror movie night. It was hilarious! XD We watched Hostel 2 (which probably shouldn't have made us laugh as much as it did) and Dead Silence (which was scary because it had dolls <<). Then we tried watching The Hatchet, but damn, that's a LAME film. D:

Aren't horror movies the best? The trashier, the better! XD

*scurries off to do English homework*
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Weeeeeeeeh! My hair, I dyed my hair! Now it's all black and red. I think it's pretty pretty, but the picture is rather crappy... ewww, you can't see my hair properly, but I like my eyes in that picture so I'm showing it anyway. :)

TEH COLOR behind the cut! ;) )

EDIT:WEEEEHEEEEE!! PotC 3!! Why didn't I notice it way earlier?! )


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