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Hey there, I don't even know why I'm writing this entry, I don't really have anything to say. Maybe it should be to practise my English, I have the feeling that since I don't have school anymore, it's gotten worse and worse... =_=

Also, there's Connichi just one kilometre (or something) away from where I live, but I haven't bought a ticket, I always felt like I had more important things to do. And now I regret it! Urgh. Anyway, at least there's a lot to do tomorrow (going to an icehockey match and listening to the SPD's Kanzlerkandidat...).
Oh God! That reminds me of... you probaly know the "Wahl-o-mat" which tells you how much your opinions agrees with which political party? I wish I hadn't taken it this time, because wanna know which party came in fourth? The fucking NPD. I am so pissed. And sad, why do I agree with fucking Nazis?! Well, okay, of course I looked up which where the opinions that were the same and it was stuff like "no study fees" and such, but it still makes me so very mad! >(

On to a lighter topic: Yesterday I went to see "Inglorious Basterds" and wow. I hate that movie. Well, maybe hate's too strong a word, but I just didn't like it. I found it boring and blah. Also Bela B's little cameo irritated me. I don't know why either...

But last weekend (when I was in Frankfurt (Main) to visit a friend) we watched "Love Exposure", it's a Japanese film of four hours and it's the weirdest film I've ever seen. Really. But I still loved it and hereby reccomend it. Don't waste money on that Tarantino flick instead rather watch this weird but awesome film by Sion Sono! :)

Okay, okay, that's it for now.

... I'm still pissed about the NPD thing, you can't imagine how much...

PS: Wenigstens ist mein Studentenausweis heute angekommen!
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Also, wieder mal Wählen gewesen! xD
Und genau dasselbe wie letztes Jahr auch gewählt... Und irgendwie hoffe ich, dass alle anderen es auch getan haben, nur damit die Politiker sich endlich damit abfinden müssen.
Dieses "Ihr habt doof gewählt, macht nochmal"-Gehabe geht mir total gegen den Strich... *grr*

Na, wir werden ja sehen... noch knapp 'ne halbe Stunde bis zu den ersten Hochrechungen... ich bin gespannt!

ETA: Mal ein Link zu dem Thema: click. :D Sehr empfehlenswert, wäre YouTube heut nicht so schrecklich!
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Is it wrong that I was almost... happy is not quite the right word, but I thought something like "Oh, good." when I read this headline?

Rechtspopulist Jörg Haider stirbt bei Autounfall

I know it's not very nice to be... glad about people's deaths, but... *coughs*
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Ha! Ich war wählen! Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben... (Kirchenvorstandswahl zählt nicht!) Und ich war sogar informiert. ^_^
Bin schon auf das endgültige Ergebnis gespannt.

... und wenn dann schon wieder Roland Koch und Karin Wolff unqualifiziert die Bildungspolitik verhunzen dürfen kotz ich oder so... <<;


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