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I was kinda on the fence about watching the German Sherlock dub, but really, that was part due to me being in Kassel where I have no TV of my own, and on Sundays my mother usually watches the crime series on ZDF. But as she told me that's "some boring Danish stuff" and she'd rather watch Sherlock as she remembers me having mentioned that it was decent. :P Yes, that I may have...

I am kind of glad I can watch it because the morbid curiousity is already killing me! xD

Recently they had a short item about Sherlock on some ARD show I watched with my mother, and I could hardly contain my inner fangirl, flailing over Martin Freeman... xD That will be hard tonight. Ahahaha. xD

We'll see if I have to leave the room 5 minutes in because I just can't stand the dub. In the snippet they showed there already was far too much use of "Sie"... Let's see how that works out. <<
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Thank you for you comments on my last posts. And sorry that I made such a whiny post, too. :/ I just had to get it off my chest...

I guess I'm not wrong if I assume that probably 90% of people think that it's hard to move into a new city where you hardly know anyone. Usually, I'm not the introvert and lonely type, but these last days I find myself to be more and more shy. I don't even know why. :/ But I guess that's okay, and I try to tell myself that thing's will pick up sooner or later.

Aside from what I said last post, I think Berlin is pretty cool and studying itself is fun. I hope it will stay this way. Or get better.

In other news: Dominik a good friend is visiting me at the moment and I don't think I will be online as much until Thursday. :) If I missed things here, I will try to catch up then. And maybe post some photos? If I take any, I'm getting terrible lazy with it...

And as Dominik remarked: Is there a certain sexual tension on the Münster Tatorten? xD

PS: I never know how to piece an English sentence which has a conjugated or declined German form together... I gave up on that last one.
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First off: Yay, Germany qualified! :D I was so worried when Boateng got the red card, but then they still managed to win. :) (Yes, I actually watch football, but only international matches).

I hate that I have to move out here so soon! Somewhere in December they will probably throw my out so that Paul's girlfriend can move in. That annoys me to no end. And I am so scared, not that I won't find anything, but that I won't find anything nice and won't get to know my fellow students or that they all hate me. *sighs* Sometimes I'm just a handful of self-consciousness. I don't want to move again. Well, but living where I currently live is like living all alone because they are all out all day and sometimes even gone for a week or so. :/
Also I'm still angsting about whether to take Norwegian or Swedish as a study course, but I think I almost decided for Norwegian. Only one day left to change my mind.

You see, I have nothing terribly interesting to tell, but I just thought I could do an update again.

Is it very shallow of me to watch this stupid TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge only because Joko participates? xD Uhm... and why is Sven Hannawald still just as annoying as he was back in the days? And why is he in almost every TV Total sports event? Hn.
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Waaas? Warum spielt Kommissar Rex nicht mehr in Wien?! D:

Ich mein, schlimm genug, dass die Kommissare immer bescheuerter werden, aber dem Zuschauer jetzt auch noch Wien wegnehmen? NEEEEEIN! D:

Yes, I like to watch it. Shut up.
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So the thing is, since school's out and all exams are over I'm doing nothing but strange things. Not that I'm usually the most normal person, but still, for my standards I'm doing pretty strange stuff.
For example just now? I cooked tomato soup. Up until now I didn't even like tomato soup that much, not enough to cook it when nobody asked me at least. It's almost like I'm pregnant! The things boredom can do to you...
And I'm watching weird stuff on TV. Even weirder than usual. When normally I was pretty content watching obscure documentaries on 3Sat, recently I spent an evening watching Rai Uno and believe me, since I don't speak Italian I didn't understand what they were talking about. Then I tried watching some TVAndalucia, but since I understood even less, I switched back. Uhm... And it wasn't interesting either, some programme that looked like "Volksmusik" only in Italian.

Anyway, last night I had an amazing dream. I can almost always remember at least one dream I had, but they're mostly just really, really strange stuff, but last night was really cool.
I was sitting in front of the house where I lived till I was ten in the sunshine when some guy came by that looked exactly like Count von Count only human, really elegant. I said hi, and then he started talking to me even though he didn't know me (like old people in the bus do). He said it was really terrible that vampires these days glitter. He was really bitter about it. Then we talked some more about this troubling news. And then he turned into a bat and flew away. Bitter old vampire! I think he was just jealous he didn't glitter, but I assured him, I like it better the non-glittering way. :3

Argh, I'm still bored. And in dire need of angsty fic! Anyone, please? *puppy eyes*
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Hiiii, Perfektes Promi Dinner war noch nie so schön! ♥

Joko sieht aber auch einfach gut aus! Und sympathisch isser mir auch noch. xD

Ansonsten war ich heut fleißig und hab aufgeräumt. Vier Gelbe Säcke Cosplays in den Keller verbannt. Aber ich kann einfach nicht alles oben behlaten. :/ Sonst platzt mein Schrank... Auf einmal ist wieder Platz für meine T-Shirts! xD

... JOKOOO! ♥

ETA: Forgot to ask. Did anyone watch the Star Trek Night on Kabel 1 yesterday? :) And does anyone plan to watch the movie? I didn't quite want to 'cause I thought... well, I don't know what I thought, but now I plan on going. If I could only find someone to come with me... *looks at [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan with puppy eyes* (And I don't quite know why I switched to English here...)
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Neu, Part 1: Ich weiß noch nicht, was ich von der neuen Punkteregelung beim Perfekten Dinner halten soll... Irgendwie find ich sie komisch. :/ Mich hat ja sowieso immer gestört, wenn die die Deko so bewertet haben, weil mir persönlich Essen wiichtiger vorkommt, aber mal schauen. (Passiert wenigstens mal was da! xD)
Und apropos, PD, letzte Woche, dieser Otschke... den fand nich' nur ich vollkommen durch, oder?

Neu, Part 2: Es ist jetzt entschieden, dass ich in den Osterferien wegfahr! Nämlich nach... *trommelwirbel* Österreich! :D Ich freu mich schon total. ♥

Neu, Part 3: Auch eine schöne neue Nachricht: Janne Ahonen kehrt zurück. Yay, kann ich da nur sagen, yay! Ich hatte ihn schon so vermisst. xD

Neu, Part 4: Hab heute zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben Squash gespielt! Aber naja, ich fand's irgendwie doof weil ich versagt hab...

Und hier mal was, bloß weil ich mich spammig fühle. (Das ist natürlich KEIN Anzeichen von Flucht vor Mathe! xD Genaugenommen, Stochastik, das Teufelszeug!) Wie man einen Turban bindet. Die Sendung mit der Maus ist doch einfach ungeschlagen, oder? :D Also, ich geb's zu, ich schau sie jeden Sonntag. :) (Und den Beitrag find ich besonders toll, irgendwie so lieb. Und das Ende, hihi. :)

Leider nicht neu: Diese Fiesta Werbung nervt nach wie vor... Ich wüsste zu gern, was man da tun kann. D:

Huiuiui, le spam, le spam...

ETA: Oh, ich hab heut Namenstag! :D Und Aki hat Gerburtstag! :) Also hier auch nochmal, herzlichen Glückwunsch, meine Liebe. :)
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Also, war das mit Simon Gosejohann bei diesem "mentalen Experiment" mit der Frau im Wassertank gerade genial, oder was? xD
Diese Sendung ist einfach so unterhaltsam! :D The Next Uri Geller, das ist einfach eine Klasse für sich!

(Und jetzt erzählt mir nicht, dass das keiner von euch schaut! xD)
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Elton: "Ich will mich ja auch nich' rühmen, dass ich so viele Leute kenn. Muss ich nich'. Hab ich nicht nötig."
Simon: "Ich schon, aber ich kenn halt nich' so viele Leute..."

Okay, also Gestern habe ich meinen gesamten Abend und noch einen Großteil der Nacht damit verbracht Elton vs. Simon zu schauen. xD Was hab ich gelacht! Ich hab das gar nicht so oft im Fernsehen geschaut und die Show davon sowieso gar nicht, aber ich muss doch sagen, irgendwie... ist es so lustig. xD

Und jetzt kommt hier eine Frage, jaha! xD Kann mir irgendwer von meiner herzallerliebsten F-List irgendeine andere amüsante Comedy empfehlen? Habe immerhin heute Nacht auch nichts zu tun. xD

Alle Empfehlungen sind willkommen, am besten auch mal Unbekannteres. :D


To cut a long story short, I like to laugh and so I ask you, my fabulous f-list, for some comedy recommendations. :) Pretty please?

ETA: Irgendwie ist es doch beinah niedlich, wenn man den Kurfürstendamm Kuhdamm abkürzt, oder? xD


Oct. 14th, 2008 08:32 pm
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Ein Rebell wirft unten auf der Straße jetzt noch Leergut ein, ich habe alle meine Bankgeschäfte erledigt und meine neue Winterjacke ist da. Ich bin toll, oder? ;D

Und ich liiiiieeeebe meine neue Winterjacke! :D Sie is warm und toll und man kann das Futter rausknöpfen, superpraktisch!

Das einzig doofe, was jetzt noch nach den Banksachen zu tun ist, ist Führerschein neu beantragen und irgendwelchen Mist für die Polizei rausfinden, wegen meines geklauten Portemonnaies. Bäääh! Da haben die mir so'n Brief geschrieben, dass sie um Details des gestohlenen Gegenstands bitten, damit sie ihn finden können. Ja klar, liebe deutsche Polizei, sucht mal hier nach dem Ding, das bestimmt irgendwo in Amsterdam vergammelt...

Naja, Ferien sind toll. :D Donnerstag geh ich in Krabat und bin schon sehr gespannt, hab aber Angst, es zu hassen, da mich das Buch seinerzeit (sicher schon 10 Jahre her... da waren meine Eltern noch zusammen, wow! xD) sehr beeindruckt hat.

Ach, und wo wir grad bei Eltern sind, mein Vater ist so ein Idiot! xD JEDES JAHR einen halben Monat vor seinem Geburtstag kommt der an und schreibt SMS und hier und da, nachdem er sich Monate nicht gemeldet hat, nur, damit ich sein Geschenk nicht vergesse. Nicht, dass er's zugibt, aber nach 5 Jahren oder so in Folge wird's langsam auffällig. xD Mensch, Papa, ICH bin kein Geburtstagsvergesser! xD

Was ich noch kurz erwähnen wollte: Habe gestern mit Johanna die erste Hälfte der zweiten Staffel Grey's Anatomy geschaut und ich muss zugeben, dass ich die Serie mag. :) Muss jetzt nur noch "aufholen" und dann kann ich's auch im TV schauen. Yay! :D ... Und am tollsten ist George, ich liebe George, George ist einfach der Beste. Und Izzie mag ich auch. Die anderen... naja, Alex is' okay und "der Nazi" is auch irgendwie cool. Der Rest... naja. xD Egal, an George kommt eh keiner ran! *fähnchen schwenk*

Nochmal danke, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi, für die Icons, will den hier ständig benutzen! xD
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... but that's just because I have nothing to say. :/ N O T H I N G .

Well, now I kinda do. I just discovered we have three Christian TV channels in a row. I'm gonna call it the Biblical Axis. There's Bibel TV, then there's Katholiken TV, followed by GOD Channel EUROPE. To tell you the truth that kinda scares me. o__O;

And why isn't there any EUReKA tonight? I thought today the season finale was supposed to air? Where eeeees eeeet? D:

BLAHBLAHBLAH, I don't have anything to say, I'm just bored 'cause there isn't any EUReKA!

Maybe tomorrow I could post some works for my Arts Class? Good idea, y/n?

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Things I did today:

Cooked Serbian food with Ines and mother. Ate Serbian food. Watched Grand-Prix Eurovision de la Chanson. Voted for Bosnia&Herzegovina. Bosnia&Herzegovina didn't win. Was pissed off. Made plans for Russian food for the next year's Grand-Prix.

(Again with the nerdy things I watch on television... Err... but I'm not worried about that, clearly I'm just cooler than everyone else... or maybe I'm just in denial. xD)

So, did any of you watch Grand-Prix? :)
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Zu deutschen Produktionen hab ich eine Hass/Liebe-Beziehung, aber was zu den Dingen gehört, die ich wirklich liebe, ist der Münster-Tatort. :D

Kam heute Abend wieder, deswegen komme ich drauf. :)

Ich würde sogar so weit gehen, zu sagen, dass der Münster-Tatort meine Lieblinskrimireihe ist. Er ist einfach so lustig. xD Alle anderen Tatorte find ich ein bisschen nichtssagend, aber Münster? Große Klasse! :D Diese Dialoge, diese Figuren, die Geschichten. Ich liebe es einfach. xD Und die Schauspieler find ich auch alle toll. (Eine von denen spielt auch am Staatstheater Kassel. Ich hab mal "Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf" mit der gesehen. Super! :D)

... ich bin doch hoffentlich nich' die einzige, die den schaut, oder? xD Sagt mir, ihr mögt ihn auch, ja? JA?
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Ja, der Post is' echt nur was für den deutschen Teil meiner F-List. xD

Ihr kennt doch sicher alle die Sendung mit der Maus, ja? Ich nehme es einfach mal an... Und heute abend war doch diese "Frag doch mal die Maus"-Show und ja, die hab ich geschaut, weil ich sie putzig finde und ich nichts besseres zu tun hatte! xD Und gegen Ende hatten sie die Frage, woher das Wort "aufdonnern" kommt und ich denke ganz unschuldig "Ha! Das weiß ich, das haben die bei Galileo schon mal erklärt. Das kommt vom italienischen 'donna!" Aber nichts da! Die hatten einer andere seltsame Erklärung! Oh noes! D: Und jetzt war ich verwirrt und hab der Maus eine E-Mail geschrieben und gefragt, was denn jetzt stimmt, WEIL ICH VERWIRRT BIN!

Ich denke, das ist der endgültige Beweis dafür, dass ich wirklich ein Nerd bin. Ein Obernerd. Heh. Mir egal, mich interessiert die Antwort.

Außerdem, OMG, ich hab an die Maus geschrieben! *freut sich wie ein Kind*

English summary of this post: my nerdiness knows no boundaries, but that's what makes me this awesome! ;D
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... okay, actually the results are kinda non-existing since I didn't really do anything, but well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Or no, wait, actually I learned something. Or rather get confirmed in my beliefs. Discos suck so much. I just hate them. I was there on Wednesday 'cause the Musik Theater had this "Tanz in den Mai" thing and wow, I don't know a lot of other stuff that's as boring as this was. I sat there around alone almost all the time 'cause my friends chose to abandon me and then I just went home at 12:15 am and was pretty pissed. And because this one stupid bridge is still blocked I had to walk ONE HOUR for a walk that should usually take 15 minutes. I'm still pissed when I think about it! D:

Okay, other things I did this weekend... Thursday I watched the whole sixth season of Scrubs. I love this show, it' so funny. <3 I can't wait till they release the seventh season here. And I don't wanna watch the English version because Scrubs is one of those shows I rather watch in German because the dub is just so much cooler than the original voices are! xD It's the same with House. Don't you think so, too? (Obviously, this question I only ask the German part of my f-list! ;D)

Oh, and on Friday I was at this party. Which really only consisted of sitting around. Which I like a lot more than discos so I guess that was okay. ^_^

Oh, and I watched a lot of Friends this weekend. I love Friends. <3 I think I like Chandler the most. He's so weird! xD

Ohhh~, and now I gotta go and learn a little more for my History exam tomorrow. And speaking of history do you know what I find strange? That this Dawes guy actually got a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Dawes Plan. It pretty much sucked. And then they had to make the Young Plan. Which kinda sucked, too, so I really don't understand the whole Nobel Prize thingie here. :/

*scurries of to read about the Weimar Republic's failure* Yay. Fun.

Oh, and sorry, [livejournal.com profile] seelentherapie, I totally forgot about the Sparkly Gary Stu Vampire. :/ But eventually I'm gonna find some time somewhere. ._.;
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Yesterday was really stupid in that I wrote an English exam, and I could hardly have done worse... but it was quite awesome in that I saw the musical Jesus Christ Superstar! It's currently playing at the "Staatstheater" here, and it was so very awesome! :D
The actors could sing so good, and I liked all the songs. :) Ahhh, I love Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals! <3
I thibk Jesus Christ Superstar is way more awesome than the Lion King musical even if its stage wasn't nearly as pretty and colourful and the costumes weren't either. But still... I LOVE IT! \o/ I think I'll go see it again. And I'm gonna buy a CD of it. It's just s annoying that I like the voices of the Staatstheater actors more than those on the record. It was the same thing with The Rocky Horror Show. Well, you have to take what you can get. :(

I also finished my "I'm gonna watch all seasons of Buffy" project. I started somewhere around February and now I'm finished! Yay~! But it's also kinda sad that now I don't have anything to do when I've got nothing to do. :/

Anyway, wanna know who my favourite character is? xD Well, I've got to, because the one doesn't appear in the earlier seasons. ^^;


Oh, how I love Andrew. He's such a geek. It's awesome. He's awesome. "I'd like to think of myself more as a 'guestage'." AWESOME, ANDREW, AWESOME!! :DDD

And I also like Xander. He's funny. Plus, he's a dork. And nice. :)

Oh, and I forgot, I also really like Anya! "Wanna look at the money? I find it always calms me." Heh~. :)

... okay, I pretty much like all characters, I admit it. Buffy's just that awesome! :D

Apropos TV series, the new episode of Supernatural was really incredibly lame. D: It was so not worth the wait!

*still has to scan some old pics for [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi*
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I kinda feel crappy today, so I decided to ditch gym class. Really, I feel like throwing up... and I still fell guilty for ditching! DAMMIT! But I'm gonna do it anyway... I don't even know in which gym we have today, so if I were going, I would attend with a 50% chance or something. :/

Okay, so today we had a history exam for which I... didn't really leran! D: OH NOEZ! But I think it went okay. Or at least I hope so...

Oh, and I think my creativity is back! Yay!! Or a little of it at least. Man, if I'm ever gonna have a writer's block like that again, it's too soon... -.- So maybe I'll get some fics finished during Easter holidays. <3
When I'm not in London, that is! Yeah, you read right! *g* I'm so happy to go to London, even if it's only for four days. I'm going with my ma and we already booked musicals and Madame Tussauds! xD Oh, and the Millenium Wheel! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!! :DDD I'm gonna have to take lots of photos. And practice my English on unsuspecting Britons! *grins evilly* Wahahaha! xDDD And go, shopping~, oh, shopping. <333
I was in London for a few hours two years ago (after the student exchange thing with Jersey) and it was great. I hope it's even greater when you actually have time to do something. :)

I wonder if London's better than Rome. Hmmm... Oh, and next I have to go to Paris! :D And then... aww, I love visiting cities. <333

Another totally unrelated thing: I noticed that I am a lot more emotional than I was when I was thirteen. xD I rewatched Dark Angel on the weekend ('cause that was the only thing my mind could manage after Soffie's birthday party. Good thinking going to a cocktail bar when you didn't want to get drunk... *rolls eyes*) ... and where was I? Ah, right! Dark Angel! So I rewatched it and when I came to the episode where Max meets Ben (first season! Whooooo!) I had to cry at the ending. And when I was thirteen I didn't even think it was that sad. But now... OMG, I still think it's so tragic that even thinking about it makes me sad. ;____; Awwwww, Ben, you crazy psycho! *hearts*
... Does anyone of you even know Dark Angel? ... uhm... Check it out! THE DRAMA! D:

Also! MINIRANT! (I really feel like ranting... <_<):

Dear Nickelodeon (the German variation)... or Nick, as you like to call yourselves so fashionably,
while I welcome that you show Drake & Josh episodes, more precisely the new episodes of season 4, I have to tell you that now I almost know them all by heart. Yes, that happens when you show the same 10 episodes for months. Daily. Now I'd like to watch the old ones again. The ones that you weren't showing over and over and over and OVER AGAIN. Thank you.
Without that much love, me.

So, now I'm gonna go to sleep! (Yes, at 3:30 pm...) Urania over and out!
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Somehow... today was weird. Started out good enough I guess, but then went indescribably crappy, and then I was just annoyed the whole afternoon, then I was realtively happy again, and then not, and now I'm just confused.

Good thing: I got to "sleep in" (till 8:00 anyway) and then in school had one period just sitting around and doing nothing 'cause the teacher was busy with "Abi" stuff.
Bad thing: But the three periods that followed sure were boring! D:

But it was nice that the novel we're gonna read in English arrived today. <3 It's called The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Does anyone know anything about it? I just know it won the Booker Prize, so it has to be good? Umm... I feel illiterate! D:

But then I had gym class and we did acrobatics and, my God, I hate that! D: And then we had to run around the gym and eww.. I hate jogging! D:

But when my mum came home she gave me the Kate Nash album "Made of Bricks" because it was gift to her boss (for his birthday) but he already had the CD. Heh, I like it. <3

And today was "Mystery Montag" which is generally a good thing. But I just hate the dub of SPN SOOO MUCH! (And yes, I'm gonna say this every week since I'm annoyed by it every week! :() At least they're gonna release the DVD on Thursday so I can watch it in English! Yay! :D Aside from that I really liked the episode (also because I had a feeling of "wait, I don't think I actually know this ep..." which again proves that my forgetfulness can be handy <3). But! I just have to say that I think Papa Winchester has amazingly crappy parenting skills. My mother agrees.

And I think EUReKA was very cute today. <3 ...Does anyone on my f-list actually watch EUReKA (or Supernatural)? o.o

Anyway, now it is almost 23:00, and I have to learn for my arts exam tomorrow, but I wanna sleep 'cause school starts at 7:15 (which is way too early) and, OH THE DILEMMA!

And finally... does this post have any reason? I guess not...

ETA: "Falschfarbenfotografie" is an awesome word! :D
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Argh, I hate the German dub of Supernatural! >___< And I hate the translation, too. I know it's hard to keep jokes when translating stuff, but at least they could have done an effort!! D: Gah!
I remember the episode (Hell House) to be so funny (love the nerds!), but now all I can think is "Oh, look, a Digimon!" (They shouldn't let Gabumon dub Dean! >.<)... Grrr~.

...aww, Sammy, always getting choked! :/

"... I shot the sheriff..."
"... But you didn't shoot the deputy."

Dean says what I think, it's amazing. <3

But I'm quite excited about EUReKA. Hope it's a cool show! :D I'm gonna miss LOST! :/

Oh, and have the solutions for the last meme (the TV show one). :D )

And another meme, ganked from [livejournal.com profile] jurindel. :)

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

I got an "R". :)

I like reading in general and every single book I read this year!
I like that I got a review on one of my fanfics today; that always makes me insanely happy!
Rock is in my opinion the best music style, and Relient K are the best band in existence! I especially like the fact that the singer is born on the same day like me. :D
Red Hot Chili Peppers are quite cool, too, even if I don't know that many songs by them. Californication is still awesome. <3
I like watching "Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager" (I don't care if it's German, it counts!) and when I was little Robert Duncan McNeill was my first celebrity crush! (He plays Tom Paris! xD) <3
I always liked "Ritter aus Leidenschaft" (again with the German...) and to this day have watched it about 20 times. :D
My Red XIII costume is my favourite one because it's all plushie! :3
Rats are pretty cool animals! Wish I could have one. :)
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Memes are just so... *sighs* they're just good against boredom, I guess. (They also help if you want to get your mind of school! ^^;)

Have the solutions to the movie meme in my last post! :D (German titles in brackets if they differ.)

I <3 quotes! :D )

And do you know all the films? Btw, Murder by Death is the best film ever! XD


I'm bored. :/ Let's make a series meme out of this movie meme, shall we? :D

1. Pick 10 of your favourite TV shows.
2. Go to IMDb (or TV.com or whatever) and find a quote from each TV show.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions.

GUESS AWAY!! :DDD (I tried to pick easy quotes. ;)) )

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, know any? :3

Argh, I don't like Miranda Cosgrove's German dub voice in iCarly! D: Why couldn't they keep the voice she had in Drake & Josh?!

ETA: WHY IS THAT iCARLY THEME SONG IN GERMAN?!! >____< IT'S SOUNDS INCREDIBLY STUPID! Is Nick planning on reaching the level of RTL2 or what?!


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