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I figured I could do a quick write-up of what I saw yesterday when I was at the jury finale of the ESC! :)

The first "exciting" thing that happened yesterday that our car broke down. Right when I was driving on the fast left lane, too... Ugh. The gear shift wouldn't work anymore, and so I kind of, well, rolled the car to the side lane (which was a little away, since when it happened there was a slip road...), but somehow I made it. Oh God, I was so nervous. But everthing went okay since my mother is ADAC Plus member, so we got a rental car for free. :)

The arena looks really cool! Much better in reality than on TV (or at least as it did on TV during the semifinals!) It's really gigantic, and because our tickets weren't really expensive, we sat waaaay away from everything, but it was also kind of cool since we could see everything. :)

Ah, maybe I'll write some more later, a friend just stopped by. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Moldova and Iceland this evening! :D
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So today I'm gonna go to the jury finale of the Eurovision Song Contest! Yay! :D

Me and my ma bought some of those cheap tickets for it way back, just because we'd like to see it live for once. Hehe, I don't even think we're gonna see much, but the sound is supposed to be good and the video wall thing is supposed to be gigantic! :D

I'm already pretty excited! Hope there will be enough time to look around Düsseldorf a little, too. From what I remember when I last was there, it's a pretty neat city! :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Iceland and Moldova! Hope they make and good show so the juries will give them a lot of points. *g*

And let's hope that the other people who bought cards in this cheao catagory also want to dance and sing to those silly songs! (Sweden, Ireland, I'm looking at you! I also would be looking at Armenia if they had made it to the finale! No boom boom chacka chacka, woe!)
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First off: Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus for the card!! It's so brilliantly cute and had me smiling since I got it! :) It's already on the fridge to enrich the kitchen with its kitty cuteness. ♥

Second off: Hee, while I really can't afford (and wouldn't want to) the ESC finale, I'll be going to the jury finale! Much cheaper and so I can watch the real finale with friends and eat the host country's national cuisine at home like every year! :)

But what a failure the hosts are! Well, except for Anke Engelke. And I guess Judith Rakers is okay, too, but I am so sick of seeing Stefan Raab's face everywhere as soon as the ESC is concerned. I am deeply annoyed. Also I wanted Hape Kerkeling to host it. *sighs* And while we're at me being annoyed, that Lena is singing for Germany again is also crap. I hope we end up low and they will take the Grand Prix away from Mr Raab again. >(
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I wanna make a Grand Prix entry, too! :D

But first things first: Yesterday was the first time I was not annoyed with the Deutsche Bahn. :D But it was a very temporary thing so you can expect some DB hate in the future... ;D
Want to know the reason? Because some tracks get rebuilt (or something) between Kassel and Hannover, the trains have to take a detour, and Sunday it was one right after Kassel, over Hann. Münden. And it was so pretty! I just love the central German landscape! With the beautiful woods and the hills and all those river valleys and the villages strewn in the valleys or nestled against the slopes of the hills full with trees. ♥ It just feels so much like home, in Berlin I often miss that. :) Normally the you don't get to see anything between Kassel and Göttingen, only boring tunnels... But yesterday? Yeay, awesomity! It may have taken half an hour longer than the regular trains, but it was so worth it. ♥

Okay, so now my Grand Prix post:

Yay! Germany won! xD It's not like I thought I'd never live to see that, but I sure thought we had to wait some more decades... ;) So, that's good!

And of course, it has to be in Berlin, eh? :D Because let's face it, why would it be in Cologne which had no connection other than Raab to the Grand Prix? Or Hannover which, yeah, might have had the EXPO and is nice enough, but where everyone from Europe will think "what? why?!"? Also this would just be because Lena is from Hannover and that's just weird. It wouldn't have been in Kassel either if "Dursti" would have participated and won. And Hamburg? I know people say "That's where the Grand Prix parties always are!", but how can that be an argument? Of course they're there, it's the NDR's responsibility after all. And yeah, Berlin didn't have big public viewing, but who should have paid for it? The RBB? Don't think so either. Also, come on, Berlin is cool. ;) I mean, I moved here out of good reasons and I just like what the city stands for. So much symbolism. ♥

He, I find it a pretty terrible idea that Lena is to compete again next year. Nobody would really want it, except Raab. There would be no hype just the old feeling of being ignored by the public channels who grab all the money they can get and then don't even include the payers into anything. I know I would hate it was she to compete again.

So, wanna have something to celebrate what isn't the fact that Germany won? How about the fact that Germany will host it? That's way better anyway! And to celebrate that I thought I could bring you my three favourite Grand Prix clips. :)

France Gall - Poupée de cire, poupée de son - Luxembourg (1965), 1st place )

I know it's old, but still so awesome. :) It's just so uptempo and happy and the orchestra is wonderful.

Zdob şi Zdub - Boonika bate toba - Moldova (2005), 6th place )

It's just so... catchy and I just like it so much. I always wanna jump up and dance like a spaz everytime I hear it. :)

Athena - For Real - Turkey (2004), 4th place )

Again a song that just makes me wanna DANCE! :D

So what's your favourite Grand Prix song? :)

ETA: Wallpaper meme! I just like these! ♥ Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] curiousfunk.
- Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
- Explain in five sentences why.
- Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

And my own rule: I guess you don't have to post in your own journal, but I'd love to see them! :D

My wallpaper )
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What? I mean... what? Who did cast the votes for the semi-final? The deaf?

Really, Belarus? Serbia? Albania?

Well, if you think so, Europe...

I'll be over here in the corner, sulking that Slovakia, Poland and Finland didn't make it to the final. Ironically those are the countries I voted for. None of them made it. >/
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Tamilen legen Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof lahm

Und ratet, wer mittendrin war! -_-
Es hat alle ewig gedauert und dann bin ich auch noch zwanzig Minuten zu spät zum FURT-Konzert in Mannheim gekommen, obwohl ich eigentlich einen Zeitüberschuss von über vier Stunden eingeplant hatte. Nun ja...
Konzert war trotzdem toll, auch wenn ich nur abgekämpft und fertig mit den Nerven an eine Wand gelehnt dastand. xD Ich hab immerhin mitgegroovt. ;)

Different topic:

Even if the German performance was embarassing, I thought this year's Grand Prix was pretty fine. There were quite a lot entries I liked. :)
We also had lots of Russian food (blini, Russian eggs, pierogi, some dessert and also vodka xD) which made it even better. :)

I voted for Estonia!

Such a pretty song, isn't it? :D

And I also liked the song from Moldova. It's so upbeat and polka like. :D

Portugal was also incredibly cute, but I will stop spamming now. xD

Oh, and expect me bragging with my marks tomorrow. xD We're going to get the results from our written exams and my school report (which I got Friday) also looks pretty awesome.
And you know what that means? I never have to go to school again. (Except for the oral exams of course). :)


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