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Why don't I ever learn from my mistakes?!

It's always like this: It's late and I'm hungry. In my fridge I have leftover something (when I'm lucky) and yoghurt that's expired. And instead of throwing the stuff away, I EAT IT! D: Because "I guess it's still okay" and "I'm sure it smelled like that yesterday, too..." And then when I'm halfway finished I think "Waaait. It also tastes weird. That can't be good. Hm. ... but oh well, have eaten half now already. might as well finish it." And then I end up like I am now which is with a queasy stomach. I need to buy new stuff to eat when I get back.

Will be leaving for Kassel on Friday, and somehow I don't want to. I just got so used to living here. :/ But I guess it'll be nice.

Also, all of my exams are done (except for the take home test) and I got a 1,3 on all those that I already now my grade of. :) Which is awesome, especially considering Finnish which I cannot speak. xD But I'm just happy. Will have to do some Serious Learning this summer.

Sooo. That's about it. Trying to sleep now feeling all sick. :/ And I will try to be around here more often now that at least the exams are gone... :)

Nähdään! :D
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Sadly, you can only view this as a preparation for a new entry. (God, I haven't written something in English for such a long time! It's all... rusty.)

Actually, quite some stuff happened since my last update, but I've just been too lazy to tell. :/

But I could possibly tell you lots of things! :D And I promised to write more often in the future.

So... I could tell you about...

My new flat! :D But I'd rather do that with photos and stuff when I'm back in Berlin. ;) Let's just say for now, it's big, I like it, but I hate that's on the ground floor. (What's "Erdgeschoss" in English anyway?)

My opinion on the oh so popular films Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes. Because I couldn't quite get why they were oh so popular...

How I loved Final Fantasy XIII and how I don't get all the hate. I could understand if some people don't like it, but the constant bashing? I guess that's because FF is such a popular "brand". I bet the same people who fawn over VII, would hate on it so much if it was released now, but meh.

Other than that? Apocalytptic storm today was apocalyptic!

Will be back writing more. ;)


Mar. 2nd, 2010 03:52 pm
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Hello! :D

I know, I haven't been writing here lately, but I was so busy! Had to renovate my new flat and, wow, now I'm beat!
Back in Kassel now, btw, and still tired and I still don't know what exactly to write here. Will think of something. ;)

But for now, let me tell you, everythings fine, I'm happy that I have a new (and old - it's in the same building) place to live and I will annoy you with photos as soon as everyone's finished. Have to start looking for a flatmate soon, so if anyone here need's a place in Berlin, just ask, haha! xD

Well, well, still have some updating here to do, so please forgive me that I have been a little antisocial in not commenting lately! :P

So. Um. Yeah. Be happy with me that I finally - FINALLY - have somewhere to live and stay and. Yeah. Now, I am freeee~! Will now look into my finances and figure out if (or when) I can buy a PS3! :D Yeah!

See (or more accurately: read) you! :D

*hugs everyone*

PS: [livejournal.com profile] robtengel, DANKE! xD Womit hab ich das denn verdient?? *ist ganz gerührt* *extra Umarmung* ! :D
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Mastering my studies bit by bit! Slow like a snail but making progress none the less! 8D

Seeing as I already spammed you with Finnish stuff you didn't understand, I thought why not spam you with Norwegian you (probably) don't understand? ;) (Also, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan asked for it! Wahaha!)

In class we're reading a children's book at the moment. It's about the outsider Johannes Jensen. Who also is a crocodile.

Anyway, we got the task to describe his leilighet (flat, for you non-Norwegian speaking persons ;D). So there you go...

Okay, I put it behind a cut so you can ignore it if you want to! xD )

It took me way to long to write that... xD *coughs*

Und mal nebenbei hier eine bemerkenswerte Begebenheit. ;) Es verwirrt mich irgendwie mit welcher Selbstverständlichkeit die Leute hier das Wort "Bulette" benutzen. Sogar die Norwegischlehrerin, wie neulich passiert. Es ging um fiskeboller und als Übersetzung meinte die Lehrerin "Also eine Fischbulette!". Da schaut mich Patrick der neben mir sitzt total irritiert an, "Sie meint 'Frikadelle', oder?!" Da hab ich mich mal verstanden gefühlt. xD

ETA: Fiskeboll song! We actually sang that in class...
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Thank you for you comments on my last posts. And sorry that I made such a whiny post, too. :/ I just had to get it off my chest...

I guess I'm not wrong if I assume that probably 90% of people think that it's hard to move into a new city where you hardly know anyone. Usually, I'm not the introvert and lonely type, but these last days I find myself to be more and more shy. I don't even know why. :/ But I guess that's okay, and I try to tell myself that thing's will pick up sooner or later.

Aside from what I said last post, I think Berlin is pretty cool and studying itself is fun. I hope it will stay this way. Or get better.

In other news: Dominik a good friend is visiting me at the moment and I don't think I will be online as much until Thursday. :) If I missed things here, I will try to catch up then. And maybe post some photos? If I take any, I'm getting terrible lazy with it...

And as Dominik remarked: Is there a certain sexual tension on the Münster Tatorten? xD

PS: I never know how to piece an English sentence which has a conjugated or declined German form together... I gave up on that last one.
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First off: Yay, Germany qualified! :D I was so worried when Boateng got the red card, but then they still managed to win. :) (Yes, I actually watch football, but only international matches).

I hate that I have to move out here so soon! Somewhere in December they will probably throw my out so that Paul's girlfriend can move in. That annoys me to no end. And I am so scared, not that I won't find anything, but that I won't find anything nice and won't get to know my fellow students or that they all hate me. *sighs* Sometimes I'm just a handful of self-consciousness. I don't want to move again. Well, but living where I currently live is like living all alone because they are all out all day and sometimes even gone for a week or so. :/
Also I'm still angsting about whether to take Norwegian or Swedish as a study course, but I think I almost decided for Norwegian. Only one day left to change my mind.

You see, I have nothing terribly interesting to tell, but I just thought I could do an update again.

Is it very shallow of me to watch this stupid TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge only because Joko participates? xD Uhm... and why is Sven Hannawald still just as annoying as he was back in the days? And why is he in almost every TV Total sports event? Hn.
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Hey there and many greetings from Berlin where I now live.

It still feels surreal and I also hate it a little bit because I am alone all day and don't know anyone yet. The people where I live are never at home and the cats piss on the floor all the time (where I step in it...), one even pissed on my bed.

Today I cleaned the bathroom (which was sticky and... eww...) but nobody is here to appreciate it. I'm so lonely. :(

A longer entry with photos will follow, if anyone is interested and I'm not too lazy.
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Okay, so basically all my friends (or everyone, really...) know that my biggest hope for the future is that I get to study Northern European Studies in Berlin. Then this dialogue between me and a good friend who already has a place at a school in Berlin (for make-up artists...) happens:

Friend : "I cried all night yesterday!"
Me: "Why? D:"
Friend: "Because I have to move to Berlin for my apprenticeship!"
Me: "... ._. I'd be really happy if it was garantueed that I could study in Berlin..."
Friend: "Yeah?! But maybe my friends and family mean something to me!" *turns away with a bitchy face*
Me: "Uhm... ._."

So, uhm, I wasn't the asshole here, was I? o.o


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