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So, turns out I wasn't exaggerating when I said it'd be months before I got around to posting some more pictures... Who'd have thought! xD

I proudly present you here: photos from my travel across the Baltic states way back this summer! Today: Lietuva aka Lithuania! :)

So, to jog your memory a bit, here is the last post I made, the one about Latvia. So check it to see what this post is about (in the likely case that you've forgotten it over the last two months xD), if you want to. :)

To match it to the last post, it'd be nifty to start with a song again, yes? ;) Aaaand I chose you, glittery Eurovision band! xD

I actually really love this song and still think it's a shame they didn't make it to the finals. The text also is very Baltic, so I guess it fits in here. :)

Image-heavy glory this way comes! :D )

So, yeah, those were a lot of photos... :)

Hope you enjoyed it and see you again in the last part about Estonia? ♥

ETA: So... I just noticed I haven't resized the pictures beforehand... I won't go through them now because if I do I might go insane! So yeah. Hope you have good bandwidth.
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God, this took me an eternity... and it will be another till I finish it. But I will, I have lots of photos to show off! ;)

Okay, let’s start with some background stuff. My entry title is from the song composed for the "Baltic Way", an event where about 2 million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania formed a human chain 650 km long between Vilnius and Tallinn via Riga. It happened in August 1989 as a peaceful protest against the Soviet Republic. When I read about it, it made me cry, so I thought, I should bring it up here. :)
Here is a video with the song:

And the lyrics and a translation can be found here.

(Obs! For given reasons the following post is image heavy! ;))

Okay, but enough with history (awesome, AWESOME history), let’s get on with the photos, shall we? )

My next post will have pictures of Lithuania and tons of them at that! :D I guess I will also put some more pictures of Latvia in there, since we crossed it again on our way to Estonia.

So, stay tuned for post number two! It will only take months a short while! See you! :D

ETA: Part 2 can be found here.

Back again.

Sep. 4th, 2010 12:07 am
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So, hey, I am back from two awesome, interesting, adventurous and just plain wonderful weeks in the Baltic States.

Eestimaa, Latvija and Lietuva were all amazing and I can't tell which I like more than the others, I just love them all. ♥

I have taken massive amounts of photos and thinking of doing lots of spamming here, if anyone is even remotely interested in seeing them. :)

And I'm so sorry about if you didn't get a card because I read you reply too late!! I should just start putting those posts up earlier! Sorry!

I'll see if I can catch up with LJ but two weeks is just a long time... :/

Anyway, I wish you a good night and leave you with that for now:

Night sky over Riga.

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LJ doesn't let me comment or answer comments for two days now! >(
When I posted this Finland entry it took me about 100 tries, and now this?! Grrr...
So, you might have to wait some more till I get around to answer comments, but as soon as I can, I will! Promise! :)

In other good news (good for me at least, hehe...):
The book department in Galeria Kaufhof is quite shitty at most times, but now they had a sale on some travel guides! :D I just LOVE travel guides, I love to read them before I go to bed, and the imagine trips to just about everywhere as I fall asleep. It may be a little weird, but it just makes me so happy. :)
And now they had them for only 1€ each! Of course I couldn't resist and bought three... They mostly had stuff about popular destinations during the summer months Turkish beaches, Spanish islands and such, but I found some more interesting ones, or rather ones that I find more interesting. About...
and Dubai.
I've started reading the one about Dubai and this whole country sounds kinda batshit insane to me! xD But that doesn't stop me from saving for a one day stay at Burj Al-Arab...

This brought this site to my mind again. And now, don't tell me you don't kinda think it is weird?

Already looking forward to reading the other two guides! (And hoping to be able to comment soon...)

Oh, and btw, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi, I just have to ask now since I can't comment, please explain what is the whole story about Ceiling!Mohinder! Please? :)

ETA: Oh yay, seems like I can comment again! :D


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