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Hei alle sammen! :D

I just want to say that it might take quite a while for the next two parts of my Baltics post and the reason of that is the actual reason for this entry:

My laptop died on me! :D It acted funky for quite a while now, but was still somehow reliable, but then, Wednesday, it just said bye-bye. Now I have a new Computer, but still none of the photos etc. on it, cause my back-up files are still in Berlin.
Yeah. Now I have a Packard Bell (the cheapest halfway decent laptop I could find. xD I always kinda wanna buy a Macbook but it's just too damn expensive for me! D:) with Windows 7 and the verdict whether I like it is still out. ;)

Yeah, so here I am, with a fresh start (with a Computer whose CD/DVD reader actually works!! :D) but sadly without any pictures.

ETA: Bevor ich es vergesse, vielen Dank, [livejournal.com profile] robtengel! Wie lieb von dir! Fühl dich mal quer übers Internet umarmt! :)
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Things I have to do: learn for physics exam

Things I don't do: learn for physics exam

... Somehow it equals out.

But I already learned one thing! There are a lot of shiny words in my folder that I can use next time I play Hangman! xD *points at heading* "Quadrupol-Massenspektrometer" is nice, too.

By the way, my computer is stupid and doesn't accept the (CORRECT!) password when I'm trying to format it, so there has been no success yet. :(
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My computer has been painfully slow and annoying the last weeks so I've decided to get it reformatted. I hope that will help. :/
So, I don't know whether I will be away for some time or not (in case my mother is nice and I can use her computer it's likely you won't even notice a difference ;)).
Um, see you later? *hopes for the best*


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:22 pm
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*auf Überschrift zeig* Ess ich gerade! Sehr lecker. Ist im Allgemeinen ein unterschätztes Gericht, wie ich finde! Deliziös~! <3

But that really wasn't what I wanted to write about.

My Internet is really annoying. :/ And it kinda forced me to install Firefox 3. And I don't like it. << Really, I thought Firefox 2 was a lot better (and my add-ons were still working...). Do... you like 3?

And I have a question and I'm wondering if anyone around here can help me. My computer always logs me out of all the Internet sites (I'm usually always logged in) when closing the browser. o.O So, uh, help?

Btw, I finally have enough money to go to the cinema and watch Dark Knight! \o/ Is the film as good as I'm having the impression? Did you already watch it?

Wow, boring entry... o.O
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Okay, let's make this super quick!

New laptop was delivered today! It's fast and just very great. And has XP, oh god, I love XP!

I can't even say how much I love the new computer. <3

Gonna answers comments now. :)
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Tadaah! I'm back! BUT! it may not be for long...

So I gave my computer to someone who I thought could fix it, and he really tried, but Vista makes everyone give up! D: And then the stupid laptop was even slower than before and the Internet didn't work at all. I tried some things (it involved keyboard smashing...) and well, it's still slow, but now at least the Internet is working... kind of... :/

Anyway, now I'm poor... ;_; 'cause I ordered a new notebook at amazon.de. It's an Acer and has XP! Yay~! :D I hope that then everything's gonna be a whole lot better and faster and that I can be online regularly again. It's gonna arrive Monday or Tuesday. Hope I can get it to work right away. :) I'm gonna read all your posts and answer comments then. Wish me luck~! <3
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I hate my computer. It's the dumbest, slowest computer ever. Really. Sitting in front of the stupid thing is the most frustrating thing I experienced in a long time, and I feel very compelled to just throw it out the fucking window or smash it into tiny pieces.

Maybe I'll try find someone who can fix it or something, but I don't really know what's wrong with it. Maybe I'll just install xp. -.-

Anyway, just wanted to say that I don't know when I'll be online again 'cause my laptop's just pissing me off. Or maybe I'm gonna endure it 'cause I'm really that addicted to the Internet. =_=

Hope you have a fine, nice, fast computer. <3
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I got a new laptop! Oh God, I can't believe it. *___* I'm just so happy.

When I didn't have a computer I was already getting so bored, I actually did my homework. -.- But now! YAY! I can totally waste time on the Internet again. :) Heeheeh.

I like my new laptop. <3 And it has Windows Vista. o.O It's kinda... "prollig". XD Whatever "prollig" is in English... XD But sadly at the moment the WLAN doesn't work, so I have to sit in the living room. It's cold here. ;____;
And I still have to worry about all the data of my old PC (I didn't make a backup copy... ^^;), but I hope it can be saved. ._.

Ah, I'm happy to be back! Hello Internet! XD


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