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Hey! :) I actually wanted to write an entry for such a long time, but I didn't find the time because of good ol' university. And I really wanted to write a lot in here today, but I still have to finish one essay and until now I've done nothing than PROCRASTINATE. Urgh. I've just watched the Digimon opening in every language there is (or at least it feels like it). At least the document is already open on my computer... Ethnology is the devil, really.

Well, I just wanted to tell you, I haven't abandoned LJ, and I am going to update once all my (MANY!!) exams are done. At least I find 7 to be many.

My grip on English seems kind of bad these days. Stupid Norwegian, stop occupying my thoughts. :/

Anyway, wish me luck!

And I'm leaving you with some Digimon, of course. ;) For the little child in you.

Embedding doesn't work. Silly YouTube.

The German version is the best of course, hurrhurr. :3


Jan. 16th, 2010 07:04 pm
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I just don't get anything done these days! D: The only thing that I can feel vaguely okay about is the fact that I actually did my homework. Except for the Hausarbeit. That I still have to do. Right now I have done absolute nothing about it. *sighs*
So what did I do these last days? I read the whole xkcd archive and watched Torchwood. (Only 4 more episodes to go, yay...)
Argh, I'm just so demotivated. :/ Anyone any advice?

And to make this not completely pointless, have an awesomely cute video. I love the Sendung mit der Maus! :D

It also makes me weirdly uncomfortable to see the "2010" in the date. It just seems so surreal. The future is weird.

ETA 'cause I don't wanna make a new entry for it: Just now on Schlag den Raab (yes, I watch it, so what? It reminds me of the 100.000 Mark Show which I loved!) was the most amazing game ever! "Fremdsprachen"! You have to know a noun in German that was read in different foreign languages! I was very good because they have a weird fondness of Scandinavian languages and Finnish. xD I'm just awesome! Now anybody say my studies are useless to my face! Ha!
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Well, I'm glad I didn't choose to learn Danish, eh? ;)

From a Norwegian TV show. :)

My studies are going slow but fine.

Hvordan går det? Jeg heter Franziska og jeg er fra Tyskland. Jeg studerer norsk i Berlin. Bla bla bla... xD

My Norwegian teachers are a bit... weird? But I guess they're okay.

My Finnish teacher is just awesome! xD She's just so... I don't even know how to describe it, very friendly and a little like one of there absentminded professors. xD Even though she's lying telling the Finnish pronounciation would be very easy! Ha! Hyvää Päivää! Does that look easy? Yeah, I don't think so either. xD
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Neu, Part 1: Ich weiß noch nicht, was ich von der neuen Punkteregelung beim Perfekten Dinner halten soll... Irgendwie find ich sie komisch. :/ Mich hat ja sowieso immer gestört, wenn die die Deko so bewertet haben, weil mir persönlich Essen wiichtiger vorkommt, aber mal schauen. (Passiert wenigstens mal was da! xD)
Und apropos, PD, letzte Woche, dieser Otschke... den fand nich' nur ich vollkommen durch, oder?

Neu, Part 2: Es ist jetzt entschieden, dass ich in den Osterferien wegfahr! Nämlich nach... *trommelwirbel* Österreich! :D Ich freu mich schon total. ♥

Neu, Part 3: Auch eine schöne neue Nachricht: Janne Ahonen kehrt zurück. Yay, kann ich da nur sagen, yay! Ich hatte ihn schon so vermisst. xD

Neu, Part 4: Hab heute zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben Squash gespielt! Aber naja, ich fand's irgendwie doof weil ich versagt hab...

Und hier mal was, bloß weil ich mich spammig fühle. (Das ist natürlich KEIN Anzeichen von Flucht vor Mathe! xD Genaugenommen, Stochastik, das Teufelszeug!) Wie man einen Turban bindet. Die Sendung mit der Maus ist doch einfach ungeschlagen, oder? :D Also, ich geb's zu, ich schau sie jeden Sonntag. :) (Und den Beitrag find ich besonders toll, irgendwie so lieb. Und das Ende, hihi. :)

Leider nicht neu: Diese Fiesta Werbung nervt nach wie vor... Ich wüsste zu gern, was man da tun kann. D:

Huiuiui, le spam, le spam...

ETA: Oh, ich hab heut Namenstag! :D Und Aki hat Gerburtstag! :) Also hier auch nochmal, herzlichen Glückwunsch, meine Liebe. :)
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Isn't it beautiful? Once again they made me fall in love with them. <3 I think I may now eventually really like this song, or at least this version of it. *hearts gustaf and björn*

And now that we are already speaking of Mando Diao, found this pic:

mando diao wwm

*laughs* The audience seems to be very clever. And to quote someone: "Aber "Alán García Pérez" klingt ja auch fast wie "Mando Diao"."

*listens to the song some more and dreaaaaams (and doesn't make her English homework)*

I think I am in dire need of a Tom Hilde icon... *ponders*
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But I wish I would be because I have nothing to do and wish I could sleep. I'm not very creative or anything these days either.

I just spent about two hours watching this clip:

And yes, I love it, but that's not how you should spent your Friday night I guess... And btw, the clip totally reminds me off "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", is this a hommage or something?

Uhm, anyway, this also made me realize that I have no Beatsteaks icon which is terribly terrible! And since you know my icon maker skillz (*coughs*), I wanted to ask you, if someone has a link to some pretty Beatsteaks icons? Please?

*goes to watch the clip for another two hours, probably*
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So, I'm going to Amsterdam with my class on Friday and will stay there till next Thursday evening.

I'm so excited! :D I love the Netherlands but I haven't been to Amsterdam yet. I can hardly wait till Friday. xD Hope I can take lots of photos and it's not going to be all class trip like but fun... xD

Hehehe, and I promise you I won't be doing anything illegal! ;D
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Hehe, I haven't posted anything in quite a while, have I? Oh well...

I don't have a lot to say except... FERIEN! :D Finally, my work experience is over (\o/) and I'm freeee~! Wow, that was annoying... and boooring. -_- But now I can quit complaining 'cause it's oveeeeeeeeer!

Okay... my life is uneventful, I don't know what to say... -_-

Err, I bought a new concert tickets! Yes~! "Die Ärzte & Gäste" in Uelzen. And I'm really excited about the Gäste aspect of this concert 'cause there will be Sportfreunde Stiller *points at journal title* and Mando Diao playing. :) And I'll be going there with Katha and [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan. By train. 'Cause, you know. I crashed the car. *cough*

And I have been terrible with f-list reading, but I was busy. :/ I'll try to catch up. ^-^

And here, to make this post a little less pointless: Cordoba, wie es wirklich war.

Kampagne gegen Tristesse, Teil 2 )

Und wenn man schon mal beim Thema is': SCHLAND! Ich hoffe, wir gewinnen. :D
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Mein Tag war heute so langweilig, es ist kaum vorstellbar. Schweigen am Praktikumsplatz hält an. ._.

Und da ja auch andere sich mal langweilen, will ich jetzt dagegen vorgehen! Und wer wäre dafür besser als Budi, Simon & Co.? :D

Ist das nicht musikalisch auf höchstem Niveau? Ich liebe sie einfach! xD Besonders gut gefällt mir "Tanne"!

Ich sollte wirklich eine Kampagne draus machen... :)
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Wie TRASHIG! XDDD Ich komm gar nich' drauf klar. Und dieses Interview am Schluss. Ich glaub ich lach mich tot.

Da waren die ärzte also 19. Interessant. Sahen irgendwie... niedlich aus! XD

Und Bela sieht aus wie ein Gruftie! XD

Und warum sieht Farin aus wie ein Priester (mit komischer Frisur)?

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Hnn, I got my art exam back yesterday, and I just can't believe I got 15 points... I mean, I only wrote about 400 words, which is really little compared to the others... and the practical part also looks rather funny... well, at least I was being original. :)
Here, I got 14 points on that:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hard to believe, isn't it? xD~ Heh, maybe my teacher likes emos? ;)
Oh, I recently watched Spiderman 3, which is also incredibly emo! xD

And why do I shamelessly spam like this? xD 'Cause I got bored from all of these driving questionnaires... And my lamp is broken and the only thing I have left are candles and my bedside lamp... no kidding! My eyes are tired and hurt! :(
And then somehow I turned out to find this AMV, which is just... brilliant! xD Argh, now I have to go back, answering questions on... auflaufgebremste Anhänger! xD WTF?! xD~

This has to be the funniest Furuba AMV in existance! xD

I love Shigure! ♥ )[/spam]
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Tja, wer kennt nicht Eurythmie? ;)

Ich kann jetzt also auch endlich meinen Namen tanzen! Ein Hoch auf die Waldorfschulen!!

Aber ich muss schon sagen, "Franziska" is' eher schwer... ôo
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Weeeeeeeeh! My hair, I dyed my hair! Now it's all black and red. I think it's pretty pretty, but the picture is rather crappy... ewww, you can't see my hair properly, but I like my eyes in that picture so I'm showing it anyway. :)

TEH COLOR behind the cut! ;) )

EDIT:WEEEEHEEEEE!! PotC 3!! Why didn't I notice it way earlier?! )


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