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Yeah, yeah, if there's something everyone else has, I need it, too. I'm shallow like this. Shut up.

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A note on friending:

Most of this journal is open for everyone to read because, well, I don't think anyone I don't know would be interested in my life, but, you guessed it, the more personal stuff is friends-locked.
If you want to friend me, just drop a note here and tell me why.
I don't friend people back who I don't know and have no idea why they friended me.
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Ehehehehe. He. Heh~. xD


[livejournal.com profile] seelentherapie! I did it! The Sparkly Gary Stu has a sparkly detective agency. Which doesn't sparkle, but OMG UNICORN! Man, I love crack~. :D

Cut 'cause the pic is kinda big (and very cracky) )

*runs away and hides*

ETA: 'cause someone called me on it... Yeah, I know that PONY words should be adverbs to be grammatically correct, but it's not as advertisement language cares that much... :P And actually Edward wrote that down so go and complain to him.
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I don't even know how we began to talk about it, but [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi and I had the idea to post some of our very old fanarts.
And I looked at all my old drawings and I was ashamed. Well, kind off. So to feel better, I also scanned some newer ones and then decided to make one of those things where you can see how much I improved! (Hopefully...)

I think it's quite interesting. :)

You're very welcome to take a look and laugh at me! xD (But beware, it's image heavy.) )

Phew. That was a lot of work.

I did immprove, didn't I? Please tell me I did! xD
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Okay, that's just a little late. ^^; Okay, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi I promised you fanart, and here I give you fanart! Christmas!fanart. Ha! :D

Yay for Copics! But no yay for the stupid 'wrong way up'-glued block! D: )
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'Cause I'm obsessed with this manga... <<; ...and wanted to know how Kurogane would look if he wore a skirt! XD

This contains spoilers up to chapter 155 or something. ^^

Click this for schooluniform!Kurogane! )

Fay. )

Fay and Yuui )

Fay and Chii )

Super bonus junk! XD )
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Whuhay! Today is 10/4!! :D I'd almost have forgotten it, if [livejournal.com profile] iambickilometer hadn't reminded me. Then I felt guilty for forgetting it, and since I didn't have that much time till midnight, I scribbled something. :D

Yay~, fanart spam! :D

Click for 104 randomness! )
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Yay~! Reading the spoilers for Chapter 167 made me so happy, I just had to draw something! :D And so here it is. *giggles*

Eh, lighten up, Kuro-tan! )
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When my laptop was broken I got bored and eventually doodled some fanart stuff. In memory of the past golden ages when it still worked. *sighs* I miss it.

'Cause Googlefight amuses me to no end.

Taito. )

Kensuke. )

KyoxYuki. )

TsuzukixHisoka )

Uhm, yeah, I know I'm strange sometimes... o.O I've actually drawn more than that, but I'm too lazy to scan it. ^^;
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Hah, nothing I try to do ever works... No, wait, that's not right. It's just that I never do what I actually intend to do. Do you know what I mean? For example today I intended to finish the last chapter of my Wolf's Rain fanfic, but then friends of my ma came and wanted me to play "Doppelkopf" with them, and then, well, I did. [I had to learn the rules and everthing, but at the end I was third (out of five). :) Yay!]

Anyway, you could think when they went home I got around to do it, but somehow I just didn't. o.O Instead I first drew some fanart and then coloured old outlines which I had hanging around on my computer. o.O
My subconscience must really hate this fic...

At least I got around to draw/paint again... *sighs*

OMG! Look at my amazing skillz!! XDDD )

And, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan, I am kinda working on this gift fic thingy... o.O Just be patient, it could take months with my tempo...
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Jooo, ich dachte mir, ich könnte mal wieder ein paar Bilderchen hochladen! :)

Ich musste zwei für Kreatives Schreiben zeichnen und auf die Endprodukte bin ich ziemlich stolz, ich hab nämlich alles am PC gemacht! :D

Und dann spam ich wieder mit Schulkritzeleien rum! XD

Also, das hier hab ich am liebsten! XD *eigenlob stinkt*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Der Rest is' hinter'm Cut! :) )

Und? XD Was sagt ihr?? Verbesserungsvorschläge? Immer her damit! :)

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I just thought of scanning a few sketches, and then I thought could post them here 'cause I'm kinda bored (but not really...). :D

So yeah, look at the sketches. Ritsuka is first. )

Then there's Tsuzuki )

Ritsuka again )

Self Portrait! )

Natsuo and Yôji are awesome! )

I drew at least half of the sketches in some boring lesson... probably chemistry... XD
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I'm posting hell of a lot lately... and I'm being quite productive as well...:)

The subject line says it all: don't laugh at me! XD

Okay, so I finally managed to get a drawing on my computer finished which means... it's the first real drawing I ever finished on my computer. I did it all with my tablet, even the outlines, that's why they look so... shaky in the first place and... uhh... let's just summarize I'm not very good at digital drawing yet, but I'll try and improve! XD

So if anyone has any tips, I'd very much appreciate that. :D

Poor Ritsuka-kun, couldn't defend himself against my drawing skills... )

But still there are a few things I like! ^^ The sheen of the hair for example! :) Ha, and the background! XD Yay for brush-downloads!

And man, I can't believe that picture took me so long! XD

Oh, and one more thing, ignore the shirt... I really could have done better, but I just wanted to finish and well... yeah.
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I'm always so bored on Thursdays! I have freetime nearly all day, 'cause my only classes are the first two periods and the last two... but that's so stupid, cause I cant really use the time...

For example now I should be learning Politics and Economics, but I can't focus! XD So instead I tried to rule my tablet (but I guess I failed miserably), and messed around with L-kun! :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love him btw! XD

Oh my God, I've to be sooo bored to do stuff like this! o__O
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Ich hab endlich mal wieder was gezeichnet. Es is' sogar nicht mal richtig gekritzelt (okay, ein bisschen schon) und irgendwie mag ich's! Es is' zwar nur mit Bleifstift und ohne Farbe, aber was nicht ist kann ja noch werden! :D Natürlich is'n Haken dabei, mein Scanner hat's nämlich verwurschtet, aber egal! XD

Und wer erkennt, wen das darstellen soll, bekommt virtuelle Kekse! Und kann sich freuen, dass er eine eindeutig übermenschliche Erkennungsgabe besitzt! ;)

Sehet und staunet! (Als ob...) )

Und ich war heut in Kreatives Schreiben und wir haben sowasmit automatischen Schreiben gemacht. Meins is' sehr seltsam, aber ich mag die Stimmung, vielleicht lad ich's ma' hoch! :)
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Feueralarm kann ich jedem nur empfehlen! XD

Heute in Geschi dachte ich echt, ich krepier vor Langeweile! Naja, hab immer schon ganze 1 1/4 Stunden durchgehalten, aber es wurde einfach immer langweiliger! :( Und dann... ging der Feueralarm los!! Boah, es war ewig keine Feuerübung mehr, aber wie ich sie liebe! <3 Obwohl manmir gesagt hat, dass ich im Ernstfall verbrannt wäre... aber ich kann meine Tasche ja nich' zurücklassen! Außerdem, wer beeilt sich da denn bitte wirklich?? Alle packen einfach ihre Sachen ein und gehen, so sieht's doch aus! XD

Ein Beweis wie öde Geschi war! XD )


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