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I haven't updated for quite some time, I'm sorry. :( I just never seem around to doing it. And the stuff I do these days isn't really exciting. It consists mostly of trying to write my Super Imporant Paper for my German uni, becoming a social recluse because I have to write a Super Important Paper for my German uni, and moaning about becoming a social recluse AND about my paper. But yesterday cool things happened, so I feel like sharing my joy with you! ;)

On Monday I couldn't go to uni because I had a really, really bad headache, and that really sucked because my favourite course is on Monday. I was all annoyed about my headache (and my paper - it's consistent annoyance), but then this girl I have the course with messaged me on Facebook telling me we got a card for a musical from our teacher! I loooove musicals (even though I'm really not a musical expert), so I was very excited! I was kind of unsure whether we had to pay for it, but though even if we had to, I would just invest it because musical are cool.

Turns out we didn't have to pay for it! It was a gift from our teacher. <3 Or rather from the uni. Apparently our teacher applied for some money from a uni fund which exists so - wait for it - students enjoy being students! Best thing ever, yes? :D The cards were pretty expensive, too, 280 NOK which is about 35 €.

So we went to the musical yesterday, The Black Rider, and I thought it was really, really good. <3 The costumes and the stage were insanely pretty, and the performances were really good, too, and the translated dialogue was really funny! The musical started with the narrator coming into the foyer telling us to come in, and then inside he stood on the stage and thanked us for coming and not watching TV even though we were missing such exciting programmes as "E-koli - do we eat chemicals?" and listed some other programmes that were on that evening. It was just really funny. :)

They even have a trailer on YouTube:

And apparently Morten Abel is famous here. :D

The theatre building itself is really cool, too! So glad I could go! I hope I can go again. :)

Should probably post some more pictures in my next entry, but the truth is I haven't taken a lot the last few weeks, sorry! Will try to be better about it. <3
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Yesterday was really stupid in that I wrote an English exam, and I could hardly have done worse... but it was quite awesome in that I saw the musical Jesus Christ Superstar! It's currently playing at the "Staatstheater" here, and it was so very awesome! :D
The actors could sing so good, and I liked all the songs. :) Ahhh, I love Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals! <3
I thibk Jesus Christ Superstar is way more awesome than the Lion King musical even if its stage wasn't nearly as pretty and colourful and the costumes weren't either. But still... I LOVE IT! \o/ I think I'll go see it again. And I'm gonna buy a CD of it. It's just s annoying that I like the voices of the Staatstheater actors more than those on the record. It was the same thing with The Rocky Horror Show. Well, you have to take what you can get. :(

I also finished my "I'm gonna watch all seasons of Buffy" project. I started somewhere around February and now I'm finished! Yay~! But it's also kinda sad that now I don't have anything to do when I've got nothing to do. :/

Anyway, wanna know who my favourite character is? xD Well, I've got to, because the one doesn't appear in the earlier seasons. ^^;


Oh, how I love Andrew. He's such a geek. It's awesome. He's awesome. "I'd like to think of myself more as a 'guestage'." AWESOME, ANDREW, AWESOME!! :DDD

And I also like Xander. He's funny. Plus, he's a dork. And nice. :)

Oh, and I forgot, I also really like Anya! "Wanna look at the money? I find it always calms me." Heh~. :)

... okay, I pretty much like all characters, I admit it. Buffy's just that awesome! :D

Apropos TV series, the new episode of Supernatural was really incredibly lame. D: It was so not worth the wait!

*still has to scan some old pics for [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi*
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I was sifting through my old CDs, and I rediscovered some musicals! I always liked Cats the best! :D

I have to say I still love it! :) The German version of course... I just think the English isn't quite as... great! In my opinion at least! :) Now I listen to it non-stop and it brings back memories. *sighs happily* I'm sad it isn't performed anymore.

Hmm, I think I'd like to visit another musical some time. Any recommendations? :D


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