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So today (as all other days of last week) I really, really should have learned maths for the "Abi" and I also kind of... wanted to. (Well, not really, but I didn't not want either.) And what was it that I did?

I sewed that hat I wanted (the one I showed you) and I painted a T-shirt (which [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan also did. :))

And now that it's already too late to do anything, I thought "why don't I show the results to my fabulous f-list?"

And now I do... :)

meine mütze
I'm pretty happy how it turned out so have some pics. :) )

I think my hat sewing skills are pretty decent. :) *is very happy*

And this is the shirt:
I looked stupid... and please ignore that the mirror is kinda splotchy...- )

Pretty, y/n? :D Also, do you get it? GET IT? :D

ETA: Link to [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan's pretty, PRETTY shirt: linkylink PIE! :D
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I don't even know how we began to talk about it, but [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi and I had the idea to post some of our very old fanarts.
And I looked at all my old drawings and I was ashamed. Well, kind off. So to feel better, I also scanned some newer ones and then decided to make one of those things where you can see how much I improved! (Hopefully...)

I think it's quite interesting. :)

You're very welcome to take a look and laugh at me! xD (But beware, it's image heavy.) )

Phew. That was a lot of work.

I did immprove, didn't I? Please tell me I did! xD
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Jooo, ich dachte mir, ich könnte mal wieder ein paar Bilderchen hochladen! :)

Ich musste zwei für Kreatives Schreiben zeichnen und auf die Endprodukte bin ich ziemlich stolz, ich hab nämlich alles am PC gemacht! :D

Und dann spam ich wieder mit Schulkritzeleien rum! XD

Also, das hier hab ich am liebsten! XD *eigenlob stinkt*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Der Rest is' hinter'm Cut! :) )

Und? XD Was sagt ihr?? Verbesserungsvorschläge? Immer her damit! :)

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Hnn, I got my art exam back yesterday, and I just can't believe I got 15 points... I mean, I only wrote about 400 words, which is really little compared to the others... and the practical part also looks rather funny... well, at least I was being original. :)
Here, I got 14 points on that:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hard to believe, isn't it? xD~ Heh, maybe my teacher likes emos? ;)
Oh, I recently watched Spiderman 3, which is also incredibly emo! xD

And why do I shamelessly spam like this? xD 'Cause I got bored from all of these driving questionnaires... And my lamp is broken and the only thing I have left are candles and my bedside lamp... no kidding! My eyes are tired and hurt! :(
And then somehow I turned out to find this AMV, which is just... brilliant! xD Argh, now I have to go back, answering questions on... auflaufgebremste Anhänger! xD WTF?! xD~

This has to be the funniest Furuba AMV in existance! xD

I love Shigure! ♥ )[/spam]
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You could...

- read three fanfics (two were... not that good but one was cute! :))
- draw two sketches (You should scan them... You happen to like them! :D)
- talk with a friend on the phone (about 1 hour...)
- eat two... err... "Zimtwecken" (yummy!)
- watch two episodes of Yami no Matsuei
- watch one episode of Drake and Josh
- write down two ideas for fanfics
- read six doujinshis (or rather, look at the pictures since you're too lazy to read Japanese)
- read three chapters of Death Note ('cause you kinda found it on your harddrive)
- begin to write one drabble (then throw it away 'cause you don't like it)
- join about twenty useless groups at the SchülerVZ

Hah! And then it could result in this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tadaaaah! Your art project! A self portrait which doesn't look like you at all! :D
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Wheeeheee, morgen is' Walpurgisnacht und wir wissen ja alle, dass Halloween nur ein mieser Abklatsch is'!! XD Jaaaahaaa, genau!

*hust* Also is' hier ein Bild um gute alte europäische Feste zu feiern! :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hmm, irgendwie bin ich manchmal echt froh, dass meine Verwandten irgendwie "rückständig" sind und dass meine Ma von einem Dorf wie vor 100 Jahren kommt. Diese ganzen alten, traditionellen Sachen (auch Essen und so) hätte ich sonst wohl nicht mitbekommen. Würde mir irgendwie fehlen. :)

*traditionen feier*
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Yeah, I got my English exam back and I scored 14 points (out of 15 of course)!! Yeahhhhh!!! And the heading is what my teacher told me, argh, I'm so proud I could die! *dies* I so totally didn't expect that!!

And today we wrote a math exam, and my feeling about it isn't too bad. I hope it's at least 5 ponits. :)

Art class is soooo boring!! )
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Well, okay. I just feel like rambling a little so I'll just do that! xD

Ewwww... wanna know what happened today? (I'll write it even if you don't! xP) We have this English teacher who is really nice but pretty strict and on Wednesday we'd have had English the first two lessons, but the teacher was away due to exams and so half of our class thought: Why don't simply ditch it? And well we did. But there are some really crappy nerds who squealed on us and now we're in trouble and I need an medical certificate, and well... Hmph. I hate that!

Oh, bute something funny happened today in English too, a friend (Soffie) was asking (aloud when everyone was silent) what "trottled" would mean in German. And I was like "Can you read the whole sentence?" And then she put that really annoyed look on and said "He trottled." And then we all had to laugh and our English teacher was even more pissed off. Well, that was worth it. Fun in lessons is always worth it. :)

Oh, in about half an hour I'll drive and practice for my licence. I'm always so nervous, and I seriously think I'll crash into something, but it never happened. (Okay, once I ran this crosswalk, but it was so accidentally! Really!!)

Oh, and when I was bored in politics & economy, I drew something left handed. :D That was... weird.

Look at the creepy cat! )

PS: This phrase used in my heading was something one of my classmates wrote in his French exam about one year ago! xD


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