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Yeah, I know this entry is kinda late when it's supposed to be about the weekend, but on Sunday I was too sick to write it and yesterday I was too lazy...

Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan, Katha and I went to the Ärzte und Gäste concert in Uelzen and it was really cool. xD There were six bands (Cazals, Postscriptum, Pantéon Rococo, Sportfreunde Stiller, Mando Diao and Die Ärzte) which I thought were all awesome or at least okay. ^-^ So that was almost one whole day (Well, 8 1/2 hours) of fine music. <3 And once again I discovered that I really like Ska. Maybe I should buy a CD of Pantéon Rococo or something. :D
Sportfreunde of course were cool, too even if they had some guitar difficulties. xD
And Mando Diao are just sexy. And awesome. And I love Björn's voice. Rrrrr~! :3
Die Ärzte of course were funny like always and there's just such a good atmosphere on their concerts. I could go there all the time! xD

So, here have a picture of us where we stand around (and I suffer from my cold). <3

It's kinda big-ish, so let's put it under a cut )

[livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan (You look so cute! :)), Katha and meeeee~! \o/

This picture is also kinda good to show my new haircolour which I hadn't mentioned yet, but show you now anyway. xD It's black with red, violet and white-ish highlights.

And now I'm even more sick because it just had to rain again on Saturday, so the little cold I caught on Friday due to excessive walking around in the rain, is now big and scary. -_- *coughs*
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Man, yesterday sure was amazing! xD And it started out so laaaame... Anyway...

So, I sat around and was bored, reading Breaking Dawn (which is the worst book I ever read, btw...). Then my ma came in and just said, "Wanna go to the Open Flair?" And I just said, "... Sure." And well, then we went! xD

Open Flair is a festival not far from where I live, in case you don't know. ^-^

... OMG, I still can't believe I actually went to the Open Flair! xDDD~ Well, Saturday evening anyway. :) But I saw Anti-Flag, The Donots and Die Ärzte. Yaaay~! xD I have to admit, I didn't really know Anti-Flag, but it was loud and really kinda cool, so I guess I should buy a CD or something.
And I was so happy I saw The Donots! \o/ 'Cause I love their music and the concert was really fun even if it was quite short (one hour, after that Die Ärzte were playing ^^). So that adds to my theory that German bands give the best concerts. Really. They're just more fun and they interact with the audience a lot more than other bands. But maybe that's only me being unlucky and going to the wrong non-German bands... Uhm, so what's your opinion on that?
And Die Ärzte were so very cool. Of course. And I stood around where all people danced pogo. So I danced with them. And jumped. And sang a lot.

I love concerts and festivals maybe even more. :D So thank you, ma, for taking me to one. <3

And, actually, I wanted to rant about Breaking Dawn, too, but... has anyone of you even read it? xD I really wanna bash it! >D
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So yesterday I was at the Die Ärzte concert and it was so cool! It was in Homberg (Efze) where this year's Hessentag was. And it was the biggest concert I ever saw! 40,000 people, that's a lot, methinks. :) And I was right in the middle and jumped! xD Oh, the fun!
I hoped they'd play "Teenagerliebe" ('cause I just love the song xD) and "Gehn wie ein Ägypter" (the German "Walk Like An Egyptian", kinda, only better), but they didn't. :( Well, it was awesome anyway.

But what kinda sucked was that we were stuck at the stupid parking lot for about one and a half hour. And it was late. And I was tired. And I had to drive. I was so pissed. >(

And I bought a t-shirt! :D Ah, I'd just love to go again. <3

Oh, I love concerts. :D
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Wie TRASHIG! XDDD Ich komm gar nich' drauf klar. Und dieses Interview am Schluss. Ich glaub ich lach mich tot.

Da waren die ärzte also 19. Interessant. Sahen irgendwie... niedlich aus! XD

Und Bela sieht aus wie ein Gruftie! XD

Und warum sieht Farin aus wie ein Priester (mit komischer Frisur)?


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