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I don't know how coherent this entry will be since...


Yesterday I had the last of my oral exams. The second last was the day before yesterday. It was quick. Like a band-aid. Yeah! xD

Tuesday I had my Arts Exam. And well... I thought I would do better. But I kind of didn't. *coughs* So in the end I got only nine points. :/

But I rocked History! 14 ponits! WHUAY! xD

And now that I'm finally finished with everything, have written and said everything I knew, I'm so happy with my passing grade. Which is...


Yeah, you read that right! Now I will be proud for the rest of the summer. :)

Nie wieder Schule~, keine Schule meeeeehr! :D
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Tamilen legen Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof lahm

Und ratet, wer mittendrin war! -_-
Es hat alle ewig gedauert und dann bin ich auch noch zwanzig Minuten zu spät zum FURT-Konzert in Mannheim gekommen, obwohl ich eigentlich einen Zeitüberschuss von über vier Stunden eingeplant hatte. Nun ja...
Konzert war trotzdem toll, auch wenn ich nur abgekämpft und fertig mit den Nerven an eine Wand gelehnt dastand. xD Ich hab immerhin mitgegroovt. ;)

Different topic:

Even if the German performance was embarassing, I thought this year's Grand Prix was pretty fine. There were quite a lot entries I liked. :)
We also had lots of Russian food (blini, Russian eggs, pierogi, some dessert and also vodka xD) which made it even better. :)

I voted for Estonia!

Such a pretty song, isn't it? :D

And I also liked the song from Moldova. It's so upbeat and polka like. :D

Portugal was also incredibly cute, but I will stop spamming now. xD

Oh, and expect me bragging with my marks tomorrow. xD We're going to get the results from our written exams and my school report (which I got Friday) also looks pretty awesome.
And you know what that means? I never have to go to school again. (Except for the oral exams of course). :)
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Things I have to do: learn for physics exam

Things I don't do: learn for physics exam

... Somehow it equals out.

But I already learned one thing! There are a lot of shiny words in my folder that I can use next time I play Hangman! xD *points at heading* "Quadrupol-Massenspektrometer" is nice, too.

By the way, my computer is stupid and doesn't accept the (CORRECT!) password when I'm trying to format it, so there has been no success yet. :(
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So, as you might know I'm going to visit Austria. :) *is very excited*

And if you want a postcard, I'll send you one, just leave your address here. :) Getting postcards is nice, isn't it? ;) And don't hesitate to ask, I like sending them. So, feel free!

Two final exams down, one to go! German went okay but not as good as math... *coughs*. ^_^

ETA: Upps, forgot to screen comments, I'm sorry... ^^; (And now THEY ARE! xD)
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MATHE-ABI IST RUM! OVEEEEEER! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! [/capslock of happiness]

I'm so very happy, that it's over. ^_^ Math was the one final exam that I was really scared of, and now there's only English and German left and I'm so very happy.

And it went quite well actually. I'm just so happy. Everyone told me something along those lines: "ICH HASSE MATHE! GRAGH! SCHEISSE! SPRICH MICH NICH AN!" But well, I didn't really have problems. I only couldn't solve one problem, but I tried and it only counts 8% anyway...

I'm so happy.

Thanks for crossing your fingers if you did.

Danke fürs Daumendrücken, glaube definitiv, dass es geholfen hat. :)
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Yeah, yeah, I know, I ranted about people who can only talk and panic about Abi (my friends getting worse, btw), but I barely seem to find another topic either. Please, forgive me.

My ma was really nice and made an "Abiplakat" for me which is awesome and yaytastic!

So have a pic:
(It says "Lycka till" (Good Luck in Swedish), in case you can't read it because of the wind...)

Awesome, isn't it? (Yes, I know, I'm pretty in love with the fact that I got an "Abiplakat".)

And now I asked myself, is there a tradation like this in other cities or countries, too? I know of one person who didn't know it when I asked him, but I think it's such a nice tradtion, making transparents for those who have to write final exams, that I don't want to and cannot believe it.

Please tell me. :)

Only three days left till math, OMG!
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Abi nervt. Sonst habe ich eigentlich nichts zu sagen, außer das Abi nervt. Extrem. Obwohl, vielleicht tu ich dem armen Abi unrecht, wenn ich das so sage, denn was mich in Wahrheit nervt, sind die panisch-hysterischen Abi-Fürchter.
Von denen wird man nämlich wie ein Aussätziger behandelt, wenn man nicht im Kreis rennt und schreit. "When in trouble, when in doubt: Run in circles, scream and shout." Und so. Mann, es ist schrecklich. Ich meine, wieso muss ich mich rechtfertigen, dass ich noch kein nervliches Wrack bin?! Warum ist das denn nötig?
Nein, es MÜSSEN ja alle Panik schieben und 24/7 nichts machen, außer lernen, lernen, lernen.
Das einzige Gesprächsthema? Richtig! ABI!
Und Schande über mich, die es gut findet, dass wir jetzt in Latein Griechisch lernen, die das gern tut, anwesend ist und zu allem Überfluss auch noch Vokabeln lernt! Wie kann ich das nur tun! Pfui, ich schrecklicher Mensch, ich...
Als würde irgendwas davon besser, wenn man sich so ABIABIABI verhält.
Wenn das rum ist, mach ich echt drei Kreuze...

In other news: Mando Diao gestern waren absolut genial! Super Konzert, viel besser als das von der Ochrasy-Tour, fand ich. :)
Leider haben die, die alle 3 Sekunden ein Foto machen müssen extrem genervt... Und die die alles doof fanden, außer "Dance With Somebody" und "Gloria". xD Naja... hatte trotzdem sehr viel Spaß! :D
Hab mich sehr gefreut, dass sie "You Cant Steal My Love" gespielt haben, hätte mir aber noch "All My Senses" und "Mr. Moon" gewünscht. Naja, man kann nicht alles haben. ;)
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I know I haven't updated in a while, but the reason is so boring, it's barely worth this entry. :/

It's just that with the Abi approaching I barely do anything but learn math, and I hate the fact that it eats my life, but what can I do? Nothing, that's right. *sighs*
But contrary to a lot of people in my year I'm quite looking forward to the 27th (day of Mathe-Abi). I mean, I know it will probably be my personal apocalypse, but at least then it will be over! Know what I mean? Okay, then there still will be German and English Abi to write (my advanced courses), but that's stuff I know, at least.
Oh, and in case anyone wondered, got our Latin exams back and I scored 11 points which makes me third best in the course! :D And now we're learning Ancient Greek in Latin which may not be quite conform with our curriculum, but it's a lot of fun. :)

In other (study related) news, I'm quite set that I will learn Norwegian instead of Swedish, even though you all told me to take Swedish. xD Uhm, sorry? :P It's just when everyone I asked (you and friends and I everyone I got the chance to ask xD) said that they'd learn Swedish I was all "Poor Norwegian! It does sound so funny and nice and nobody likes it! D:" and then thought, well then I'll just do it. :)
But that can still change. My choices are usually as steady as reeds swayed by the wind. xD
Oh, and if I can't get into the Humboldt Uni in Berlin, I'm quite sure Kiel will be my city of choice. I will have to look at it before I decide for sure, but everyone says it's nice there and the Uni's department for Skandinavistik seems to be a good one. :)
So yay for Kiel, everyone? ;)
(The only other one where I'd find the Uni as good would be Greifswald, and I just don't wanna move there... xD)

So, um, yeah, that's it.

Back to my boring life filled with math. (PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE ME! D:)

ETA: OMG, I just HATE this Fiesta RPG ad. It makes me angry and it's just annoying... >> Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking that... (Maybe I just have a low annoyance threshold...) ARGH, I have to hear this stupid twittering thing once more... >>
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Nie wieder Lateinklausuren, Baby! Yeah! NIE WIEDER! xD

Selten war der Klang von "nie wieder" so süß!

Okay, das Ergebnis bleibt noch abzuwarten, aber meh.

Aber die traurige Wahrheit ist, ich mag Latein, es is mein Lieblingsfach und eigentlich war ich auch gut...

Heute außerdem noch Englisch geschrieben, aber da kann ich mich nich so freuen, weil das Abi ja noch kommt. xD

ETA:Forgot to post this, answers to the first line meme! :) )
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Okay, I'll admit it, the heading is a total lie, but I just have no one to tell my grades other my F-List (okay, and my ma) 'cause everyone else gets all pissed at me because they think my intention is to be cocky and make them feel stupid and bad, when in fact I'm only very happy!

ANYWAY, let me tell you my awesomely awesome grades on exams that I got back during the last three days. (Und danke fürs Daumendrücken, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi! :D)

German: 13

Physics: 13 (IN PHYSICS?! WTF?! :D)

English: 14 (!)

Ethics: 15 (|D)

And now I'll just be happy. :) (And read One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest! Woe!) ... If only I wouldn't hate school so much...

ETA: Btw, 13 = A- ; 14 = A ; 15 = A+.

ETA2: School awesomeness just doesn't stop! xD Just heard that school starts at 12:30 tomorrow... :D


Jan. 11th, 2009 09:36 pm
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So, tomorrow school starts again and I really don't wanna go... also because I have the strong suspicion that we had to read "One Flew over The Cuckoo's Nest" in English, but I'm still at page 34. *coughs*

And it's only about two and a half months till I write my first final exam... in maths. This is insane! But it also means that in about five months I'll be finished with school! And I can't wait for it to be over... You know how people say "school were the best years of my life!"? I think they all have forgotten how much it plainly sucks...

Also, check this out, I made myself an icon! P-DOG! Yay! xD

I apologize for the meaninglessness of this entry...
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- As expected I failed at math. Not as hard as I could have failed, I guess, but it was fail nonetheless.

- Because of [livejournal.com profile] seelentherapie's post now I want to bake muffins or cake or something. But I'm lazy and don't have the ingredients.

- We're reading "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey in our English class and I'm only in about 40 pages, but I just can't get myself to like it. At all. I only find it bland and it vaguely depresses me.

- My very dear flist, I have a favour to ask... It's about icon making. Because I know some of you can really do that whereas I suck. So, um, could you please make me one? It doesn't have to be fancy or anything, so please? I want one like this: Photobucket, and it should say "Schneller, Zauberpony!" (at the bottom or something). I would be grateful forever... Bigger version of the pic under the cut )


Dec. 9th, 2008 05:01 pm
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I'm gonna fail the maths exam so hard. D:

It's all confusing and I don't get it and I just... ARGH!

And the last couple of exams I wrote went terrible, too.

*off to learn and cry*
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Okay, first, let me brag... xD I recently got 15 points on my German exam! Isn't that brilliant?! xD And I really didn't want to write about my grades anymore, but my friends don't appreciate it and tell me getting 15 points in my German class is like winning at chess against a four-year old. Nice friends, I got there, eh?

And now to fit the subject, have an alphabet meme I've stolen from [livejournal.com profile] darth_funk, but modified slightly because there were letters missing. xD

Follow me this way, please... )


Sep. 19th, 2008 01:26 pm
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Got my English exam back today. :D

And I got 14 points! Yay! :DDD

My content wasn't the best (only scored 12 points on it), but I got 15 points on language and mistakes.


Very happy now, I really didn't expect a result that good. :)

(Btw, on my Latin exam I got 11 points total, and 13 on the translation, that's the important thing anyway! I rule, I tell you! xD)

Hope I can keep my grades up the rest of the year. xD If I don't get to study at the Humboldt Uni I'll be so sad. I don't want to move to Kiel or Tübingen... And chances are very good I get a student's job in Berlin starting autumn 2009, so not going there would kinda suck...

Actually I'm quite sure this entry had a point, but I forgot about it. Eh... *scratches chin* If I remember it, I'll tell you later...
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The entry is not very English, so...
Ja, das muss jetzt mal auf deutsch (mach ich in letzter Zeit irgendwie so oft...).

Ich: "Hmm, bist du sicher, dass man das Leinöl noch nehmen kann? Da steht "mindestens haltbar bis: 04.08.08"...
Mutter: "Ja, klar! Das is' ja fast noch frisch! Das geht noch locker!"

Nein, Mama, nein... -___- (Leinöl is immerhin kein Maggi!)

Mir ist jetzt seit gestern Abend schlecht. Ich weiß nich, ob ich mich jemals wieder traue Kartoffeln mit Quark und Leinöl zu essen... D: (Aber was hör ich auch auf meine Mutter?!)

Und dann musst ich auch noch gerade Deutsch schreiben! Und das war ne Klausur, die hätte ich dreistündig auch ganz gut hinbekommen und wieviel Zeit hatten wir? Natürlich nur zwei. Das is so typisch! Englisch war dreistündig und das hätte man echt in zwei Stunden schaffen können, und jetzt Deutsch, Gedichtanalyse und Vergleich, mit Epochenanalyse... das in zwei Stunden, I don't think so... Und die Kafka-Alternativ-Aufgabe konnt ich nich nehmen, weil ich meine Verwandlung zuhause vergessen hatte... *seufz*

Ja, ja, ich hab jetzt auch genug gejammert. Rest des Tages wird hoffentlich cooler. (Muss zwar noch bis morgen "Rabbit-Proof Fence" lesen, aber naja...) ABER Literaturzirkel und Schlagzeug an einem Tag! Yeah, Baby! :D

*wieder zur Schule hetz*
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Uhm, yeah, I think what the subject says is right... I've gone mad with boredom! D:

I just have NOTHING to do. NOTHING AT ALL. Normally, I'd just do something creative or I don't know. But I didn't... Instead... It's so crazy, I can't even say it. >___<

... I've done all my work for school. Everything I had to do. EVERYTHING. Homework and reading and even the stuff I still had weeks - MONTHS - to do! Oh my God... I'm scared of myself... ;____;

This also resulted in having nothing to do now. And I can't find anything intersting on the Internet. I'm almost wishing I still had some homework left. >__<

SO, HELP ME? PLEASE? Something interesting for poor, little, bored Franzi? (That's me, by the way! xDDDD~) I'm begging youuuuuu~! ;____;

There goes my I-never-do-homework record... D:
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Gerade gemerkt, dass ich bis morgen noch Die Verwandlung (von Kafka, ihr wisst schon...) lesen muss. Gnargh! So eine Scheiße... ich hab keine Lust... Und von wegen "Joa, sind ja nur so drei Seiten." 70 oder so sind das... *schnaub*

Ob wohl 'ne Inhaltsangabe bei Wikipedia reicht? Oder noch besser: Kann mir hier wer auf die Schnelle einen total tollen Interpretationsansatz verraten? Dann sag ich den morgen einfach und halt mich aus dem Rest der Diskkussion raus... Höhö...

Ja, ich bin eine faule Sau... Hatte aber heute auch scheißviel für Englisch zu tun...


Jun. 7th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Meh, ich weiß auch nich', aber irgendwie fühl ich mich gerade extrem jammerig... -_-

Ich hab grad meinen NC geschätzt/ausgerechnet, realistisch gesehen, wenn nächstes Schuljahr schlechte Trends anhalten und gute Noten bleiben. Und was kommt raus? Dass ich meine ganzen Wunsch-Studiengänge vergessen kann, weil ich zu schlecht bin. Das ganze depriminiert mich ein wenig, vor allem, weil meine Verwandten mir andauernd erzählen "STUDIER MEDIZIN!" obwohl ich weder sonderlich Lust hab, noch gut genug dafür bin. -_- Und dass ich PoWi wegen meiner beschissenen Lehrerin abgeben will, macht dann wahrscheinlich wenn ich mich auf Studienplätze bewerbe auch keinen guten Eindruck.

So, eine Scheiße. 2009/2010 wird mein FSJ/FÖJ/FKJ Jahr... echt mal. Ich hasse die Zukunft. Und dabei isses echt noch 'n Jahr.

Ach, und sorry fürs Jammern, aber ich denke, man kennt das Gefühl, wenn alles scheiße wirkt und man das mal sagen muss...

ETA: Ach, und diese "Random Journal" Ding da oben in der linken Ecke is' neu, oder? Uhhh, schick!


Jun. 5th, 2008 01:28 pm
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I'll be away till Saturday. On a "SV-Seminar" whatever that is in English... Probably something like "Student Council seminar", well anyway, I won't be around till Saturday. :) I hope it's gonna be nice and this one person I hate will learn that she should just shut the fuck up sometimes...

Also today was my last day of school this school year because the next three weeks I'll be doing my "Praktikum". :D Yay, no school for eight weeks. :DDD


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