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Yay, so I'm done with all my exams this semester, and it feels good. :) There is one "Hausarbeit" left (I just don't know what it's called in English... xD), but I have time till October, and though I want to start earlier, I'll just take this weekend off from uni. :)
The results for the two written exams and the oral exam were promised to be posted on Tuesday latest, so I'm already curious how I've done. It wasn't all too bad considering I barely speak Finnish. xD

In other news, I got a tumblr. I've wanted one for a while now, but was always too lazy. xD I don't think I will post much, but you never know. I said the same thing about Twitter and now I am pretty much in love with that, so we'll see. xD

If you are on tumblr and wouldn't mind me following you, I'd be happy if you told me your name there. ♥
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I still have to learn Norwegian for the exam... Also Finnish which I have absolutley no clue of. Damn. xD

It doesn't help that I'm a great talent at procrastinating... *coughs*

And now there's another popular slave industry internet phenomenon. You can now find me on Facebook. Grrrr... (So, if anyone is there I haven't added yet, I'd like to. :) It helps me form a bad conscience so that I do Norwegian. xD)

I still have one week left till the exam... So, I should better be going?

I know this entry doesn't make much sense, so erm... how about some Norwegian? xD

Jeg har alleredes prøvd å lære norsk i dag, men dessverre var jeg ikke så fremgangsrik. D: Jeg er alltid for trøtt og jeg har jo ikke lyst til å gjøre det. Det er det som er jo svært anstrengende! *sukk* Det verste er ordstillinga. Gah. :/
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Fine, FINE, I admit it, I caved! I got this stupid twitter thing. Oh God, how I hate peer pressure. *kicks twitter* Now you may ask why? I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE, but it might just be that the appeal of following certain people was too great. Whatever.

So, I'd like to ask, do you participate in this new way to survey (and enslave would be the next step!) mankind, too? >/

If yes, I'd like it very much if you'd be so kind to tell me your twitter name. Now that I use this torture device (TORTURE DEVICE, I tell you!) I might as well be using it. Grr.

If you wanna follow me too, I'm "urania_hime" although I'm not sure if I will "tweet" anything (the word alone is disgusting!!). But since I know myself, I might just be stupid enough to eventually do it.

... So, um thanks in advance? ♥


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