Mar. 2nd, 2010 03:52 pm
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Hello! :D

I know, I haven't been writing here lately, but I was so busy! Had to renovate my new flat and, wow, now I'm beat!
Back in Kassel now, btw, and still tired and I still don't know what exactly to write here. Will think of something. ;)

But for now, let me tell you, everythings fine, I'm happy that I have a new (and old - it's in the same building) place to live and I will annoy you with photos as soon as everyone's finished. Have to start looking for a flatmate soon, so if anyone here need's a place in Berlin, just ask, haha! xD

Well, well, still have some updating here to do, so please forgive me that I have been a little antisocial in not commenting lately! :P

So. Um. Yeah. Be happy with me that I finally - FINALLY - have somewhere to live and stay and. Yeah. Now, I am freeee~! Will now look into my finances and figure out if (or when) I can buy a PS3! :D Yeah!

See (or more accurately: read) you! :D

*hugs everyone*

PS: [livejournal.com profile] robtengel, DANKE! xD Womit hab ich das denn verdient?? *ist ganz gerührt* *extra Umarmung* ! :D
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Few days ago I said I wanted to post a few photos from around where I live and here they are. :)

As you should (or could) know, I’m living in Kassel and now some information that could be new:

The quarter where I live is called "Vorderer Westen" and it really doesn’t get enough appreciation, just because it wasn’t a village before it belonged to Kassel but was built to create living space for people moving to the city in the 19th century (most people working for the railway). D: Anyway, when it was built it was called "Hohenzollern-Viertel" and I’m just mentioning it 'cause I love the name. xD

Anyway, let’s have pics. :)

Im Vorderen Westen wohnt man am besten! )

Phew, those were a lot of photos. I took some of them last week and some today. :D I love taking pictures, I just wish I had a better camera. :/
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Despite the fact that today was quite cool since I visited the Frankfurt Book Fair with some friends (YAY :D), this evening just won't stop pissing me off! òo

Okay, dear Open Office, it's cool that you're at least working on Vista, I think I should be grateful for that, but could you *please* accept the fact that I want to spellcheck my documents in English? I mean, okay, German spellcheck is fine, just not want I want 'cause 97% or something of the stuff I write is in English. So tell me why I changed every stupid language setting to English when you still use the German dictionary?! Groar! DX

Also, what's wrong with my neighbours? How can people possibly be so loud? At night? The old lady who lives on the next floor loves to listen to classical music at 2 am, and this people who live next to my flat wake me up every night at around 4 am. Let's just say the walls are too thin... << *mutters*
Whatever, by now I got accustomed to all that, but what did I do to deserve neighbours who decide they want to drill holes in the wall at 1 am? >_____< Now, I can't even concentrate and do something productive! D: Dammit!!

EDIT: But reading the spoilers for Tsubasa chapter 169 made me verrrrry happy! :D Wheee! *throws confetty*

...Must resist the urge to draw...
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Ahahaha, "Spiderschwein"!! XD You should all go and see the Simpsons movie, it's really hilarious. Yesterday I was at the "Vorpremiere" with some friends, and I have to admit, the Simpsons movie is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. :D I was laughing all the time and so was everyone in the theater. The atmosphere was great, everyone was having fun, and when the film was over people applauded. That was the first time I experienced that! XD

So now go and watch the movie! "Spiderschwein"!!!

Okay, the real intention of this entry is to post some pictures of my beloved Freddy. <3 Recently I realized that I don't have any digital photos with him, and now I made some.

Awwww, such a cute cat! :3 )
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Heh, today I took random pictures of my room (instead of learning for my biology exam, I'm dropping it anyway so where's the point?). :)

My room looks quite messy and all, but I rather like it! :D Okay... and I kinda only took pictures of the walls... you don't wanna look at the floor! XD

Look at the messy room! XD )

Okay, that's it! XD Now you've seen (the tidy parts of) my room! :D


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