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Please excuse the nature of this entry, but I need to vent. The world has to know my feelings!!

Soooo, the Norwegian post office and I are not on best terms at the moment anyway because they forced me to pay 199 NOK in customs for things not worth much more, but eh, I was ready to, well, not forgive them, but not hold a grudge at least, but today! TODAY!

So I got a note saying they have a package for me I can come collect. Thing is, they never try and deliver it directly to you, they always deliver it to your nearest post office... thing. (Ours is not exactly a post office, it's called "post i butikken" and basically a post counter in the ICA (a supermarket))
Anyway, so I went there to get my package and they asked me for an ID. Sooo, I gave them my German one (the only passport I have btw), and the girl working there just looked at me...

Her: "Don't you have a Norwegian ID?"

Me: "No, I'm from Germany, this is my German ID."

Her: "Okay, can I see your driving license with a picture maybe?"

Me: "I don't have it with me." (Also why should I, do I look like I could afford a car here?! xD)

Her: "Well, then can I maybe see your passport."

Me: "This is my passport, it's the only one we have in Germany."

Her: "Okay, but can't I see your real one?"

Me: "Erm, this is the real one. It's the only one I have. We only have this one in Germany. We only need a travelling passport if we want to travel outside Europe which I haven't done yet. So I only have this one."

Her: "Okay... so... can you show me your real ID?"

Me: "... It is."

Her: "I will also accept a health insurance card with a picture."


It went on like that for a while. >:/ In the end I got my package in exchange for a lecture how I should bring a "real" ID next time.


ETA: I feel like I have to add: We don't have health insurance cards with pictures in Germany. Oops.
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We got our Finnish grades for the last three exams and while mine are technically not too bad, I'm still kinda disappointed. Before I had an average of 1.1 on my studies, and that has now considerably dropped. I wouldn't mind so much, except what I will do for my Master (DaF) has some seriously high NCs if you don't have any working experience in the field. Which I don't have. And I just know, I will ruin my average further with all those "Hausarbeiten" and the Bachelor's... work, thingy? to come, so maybe I should already prepare a plan B. (Maybe it will involve studying outside Germany! That would be pretty cool actually. :3)

And I haven't even been awake long yet, but the day has already managed to annoy me again. >_<

If you're thinking about which telephone/Internet provider to get in Germany, just let it be said, don't get Alice. Don't.
I've been trying for over a month now to get my contract cancelled as I'm moving away to a country where they don't provide anything, but they just keep telling me, my contract can't be termintated until April 2012! Fuck them! D< Meaning, I will have to pay 30 € a month for nothing... They won't even let me skip a year or something. They're such a load of wankers. Argh! >/
I even send them proof that I'm moving, and still noooo, "not till April". I really don't know what to do about that anymore.

Does anybody have any experience with stuff like that? And when I'm moving back to Germany and get a new provider, any ideas? :/ I was always rather fond of Vodafone, but recently I've just heard bad things about them.

Haha, these days I'm on a posting spree, it seems. xD I resolved to post more often in the future. I still love LJ, but I've seriously been slagging off recently...
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Ich hasse Sie. Aus den tiefsten Gründen meiner Seele und jetzt noch viel mehr als damals, als Sie das Schöne-Wochenende-Ticket auf nur einen Tag gekürzt haben. Ja, ich habe auch nicht gedacht, dass das möglich ist, aber Sie haben mich mal wieder überrascht!

Nun habe ich erfahren, dass Ihr Hessenticket wochentags erst ab neun Uhr gilt und ich bin, gelinde gesagt, angepisst. Es ist ja überhaupt schon ganz großer Betrug, dass das Drecksding nicht einfach 24 Stunden gilt, aber jetzt auch noch das, Sie haben sich mal wieder übertroffen!

Ich persönlich denke jetzt ernsthaft darüber nach, einfach mit dem Auto nach Frankfurt/Darmstadt zu fahren und auf Sie zu scheißen.


Franziska Götz

Btw, ich war am Mittwoch auf einer Lesung von Oliver Uschmann (die "Hartmut und ich"-Reihe) und es war ganz genial und lustig und wunderbar. Wir saßen in der ersten Reihe und mann, was hab ich gelacht! :D
Also, eine Lesung von Herrn Uschman (oder Oli, wie er unterschreibt (das Buch, mit total netter Widmung!)) kann ich jedem nur empfehlen. Seine Bücher auch, auch wenn sie teilweise etwas abgefahren sind. xD Aber sehr lustig. xD
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Last winter was so very nice, it wasn't very cold and it didn't really snow at all! And now, it's not even December and when I look outside my window I see this:


That makes me one very sad panda! D:

I just... I don't like snow. It's all cold and wet and it may look nice but really, it's just very mean rain. I didn't even like snow when I was little and now this? Gnargh... Don't get me totally wrong, I can tolerate snow when I have holidays and can stay inside and look outside drinking hot tea. But now? I hate it. I can't go anywhere 'cause the streets are all wet and slippery and I already caught a cold. *sighs*

And when it's cold outside my cat stays inside all day and annoys me... Wanting to go outside every five minutes and then when I took him downstairs and he looks outside, he decides against it. *grargh*

But here, have photographical evidence that my cat is as cute as they get! )

It seems I'm spamming you with photos, I'm sorry. xD


Jun. 7th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Meh, ich weiß auch nich', aber irgendwie fühl ich mich gerade extrem jammerig... -_-

Ich hab grad meinen NC geschätzt/ausgerechnet, realistisch gesehen, wenn nächstes Schuljahr schlechte Trends anhalten und gute Noten bleiben. Und was kommt raus? Dass ich meine ganzen Wunsch-Studiengänge vergessen kann, weil ich zu schlecht bin. Das ganze depriminiert mich ein wenig, vor allem, weil meine Verwandten mir andauernd erzählen "STUDIER MEDIZIN!" obwohl ich weder sonderlich Lust hab, noch gut genug dafür bin. -_- Und dass ich PoWi wegen meiner beschissenen Lehrerin abgeben will, macht dann wahrscheinlich wenn ich mich auf Studienplätze bewerbe auch keinen guten Eindruck.

So, eine Scheiße. 2009/2010 wird mein FSJ/FÖJ/FKJ Jahr... echt mal. Ich hasse die Zukunft. Und dabei isses echt noch 'n Jahr.

Ach, und sorry fürs Jammern, aber ich denke, man kennt das Gefühl, wenn alles scheiße wirkt und man das mal sagen muss...

ETA: Ach, und diese "Random Journal" Ding da oben in der linken Ecke is' neu, oder? Uhhh, schick!
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I should never read reviews ond FF.net cause they tend to be written by the most stupid persons on the whole planet... May I quote one for you? It's about slash... 'cause the reviewer apparently has tolerance issues...

"It seems to me like a brutal mutilation of something that was clean and pure."

FAIL. Like, a lot. *is pissed off*

(You know, it actually shocks me that there are people who really think like that...)


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