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Okay, so I'll try to update my LJ now, and hope there isn't another DdoS attack! I've been meaning to do that for quite a while now, but LJ has been down every time. :/

And I've been neglecting my flist dreadfully and am very sorry. I had quite a bit to do the last week(s) and just handed in my home exam yesterday. So now I have aaaall the time in the world to procrastinate and catch up with everyone. :)

Sooo, I still love it here in Tromsø. And it's not as if nothing has happened, but there hasn't been a lot happening either, so I thought I could post some pictures until I can think of something interesting to write.

Now we have already entered the polar night, and it is dark a lot, but I took a walk to the shops on the 18th, one of the last days where you could see the sun above the mountain, and because I was very lucky, there was a beautiful sunset (at midday!) and lots of pretty snow. Fortunately, I took my camera with me.

And here are the photos. )

Oh, and I'm about to get the Christmas cards, so if you want one, drop me your address here, and I still need to know whether I got your address right, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi!

<3 you all!

ETA: And I almost forgot AGAIN that I forgot the birthdays of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic and [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi this month, so I'm very sorry, and I hope you had a nice birthday! ♥
And if I forgot more birthdays, I'm sorry! I'm just really horrible at remembering them.
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Hello World! :D

Here I am again, bearing photos and even more photos from this beautiful town in this beautiful country! :)

Actually, I've been meaning to write an update for quite a while, but in the end was always to lazy... but that changes now, and here come an aweful lot of pictures from...

... my most awesome uni! )

... my most awesome way to/from uni! )

... my most awesome other photos that I can't give a collective name to! )

Soooo, phew, those were a lot of pictures! I hope you enjoyed though! :D I will try to update/comment more often again... if anyone even wants that, that is. :P
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Today was our last trip we all did together as this year's group of international students of the University of Tromsø, and it was an amazing trip! :D

We went to the Grøtfjord beach to barbecue and you could go hiking or fishing if you wanted! I did actually go hiking and it was so much fun, and the nature was soooo beautiful, but it was pretty exhausting, too, which is the reason I'll just dump some photos here, and maybe don't write too much about everything! :)

We went up the Brattfjell which means 'steep mountain' and that it is. )

So, that's about it. It was really cool. Want to go hiking again soon! :D
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Hello and welcome to my Northern Hesse Appreciation Post! :)

I mean to post some photos of where I'm from practically whenever I get homesick and that is actually more often than you'd think, seeing as I'm generally pretty happy in Berlin. But! I just don't like the landscape here. I mean, Brandenburg is pretty in its own right, but I just don't get too see much of it, since I'm stuck in the city most of the time. And the landscape here lacks hills.

I guess the kind of nature and landscape you grow up in, always holds a special place in your heart. (At least it does with me. I am such a fangirl for nature - especially of the Northern Hesse variant! :))

Sooo, why am I posting this now? [livejournal.com profile] kiviraat posted some pretty awesome photos a few days ago and I got all landscape-y, and she kept telling me it sounded pretty where I'm from and so, there you have it! :D

So, thing is, the photos are from about last summer (June/July) and this winter (February/March) as those were the last times I was home, and I took them either near Kassel (where I'm from) or near Baumbach (a small village 50 km south of Kassel where my mother is from). So, without further ado, let it begin...

Picspam from home! )

So, that's it! :) Not very grand there, probably, but it's still the kind of landscape and nature I love most in the world because it's home, no matter how beautiful and wonderful and breathtaking other places are. <3
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So, turns out I wasn't exaggerating when I said it'd be months before I got around to posting some more pictures... Who'd have thought! xD

I proudly present you here: photos from my travel across the Baltic states way back this summer! Today: Lietuva aka Lithuania! :)

So, to jog your memory a bit, here is the last post I made, the one about Latvia. So check it to see what this post is about (in the likely case that you've forgotten it over the last two months xD), if you want to. :)

To match it to the last post, it'd be nifty to start with a song again, yes? ;) Aaaand I chose you, glittery Eurovision band! xD

I actually really love this song and still think it's a shame they didn't make it to the finals. The text also is very Baltic, so I guess it fits in here. :)

Image-heavy glory this way comes! :D )

So, yeah, those were a lot of photos... :)

Hope you enjoyed it and see you again in the last part about Estonia? ♥

ETA: So... I just noticed I haven't resized the pictures beforehand... I won't go through them now because if I do I might go insane! So yeah. Hope you have good bandwidth.
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Just bought the most delightfully ugly Advent calendar at Aldi! :D

Just look at the awfulness of it:


I mean, what the fuck?! Fairies? Dragons? Unicorns? Pegasi?!

...Awesome! xD
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God, this took me an eternity... and it will be another till I finish it. But I will, I have lots of photos to show off! ;)

Okay, let’s start with some background stuff. My entry title is from the song composed for the "Baltic Way", an event where about 2 million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania formed a human chain 650 km long between Vilnius and Tallinn via Riga. It happened in August 1989 as a peaceful protest against the Soviet Republic. When I read about it, it made me cry, so I thought, I should bring it up here. :)
Here is a video with the song:

And the lyrics and a translation can be found here.

(Obs! For given reasons the following post is image heavy! ;))

Okay, but enough with history (awesome, AWESOME history), let’s get on with the photos, shall we? )

My next post will have pictures of Lithuania and tons of them at that! :D I guess I will also put some more pictures of Latvia in there, since we crossed it again on our way to Estonia.

So, stay tuned for post number two! It will only take months a short while! See you! :D

ETA: Part 2 can be found here.
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So, I was in Helsinki (and also on a day trip to Tallinn) with [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan and –

I know, I know, I’m too late.

Recently I am incredibly lazy concerning my LJ updated but it’s not like I’d have something better to do! Ha! I guess I’m just not used to writing anymore... come to think of it, my handwriting has gone a lot worse since school is out... And then on top of that, my computer decided to hate me! HATE ME!

Anyway, enough of that, I promised you some photos of Helsinki and Tallinn and here they are now! Enjoy! (Like we did! ;)) ♥


'Pankki' really does sound cuter than 'bank' )
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Okay, so there we go, the second part of my Iceland post! Granted, it took a day longer than I said, but that’s just because... I was so busy playing Wurzelimperium! I’m sorry and somewhat ashamed but the game is just so... senseless. And cute. Argh.

Part 1 is here.

And the curtain rises once again! )

Wow, I think this one’s even longer than Part 1...
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Okay, so I needed some time, but making an Iceland entry and sorting through tins of photos is no picknick (if you’re me!).

I don’t think I’ll write as much as usual, it’d just take too long...

(A geothermal power plant near Mývatn.)

Beware, there are many, many photos to follow...

So let the show begin. )

Anyway, I shall post the rest of it tomorrow. :)

ETA: Part 2 is here.
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Like I told you, I'm back home. :)

Iceland was very, very awesome and I love it there. ♥ More, a post with pictures (if you like?) is to follow sometime later. :)

Now there will be a lot of reading old LJ entries... xD Catching up is so much work!

More information soon, coming to a LJ near you.

And, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi, look what happened!
This is a speacial ai_chi cut! (Or for anyone that likes green. :)) )
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Gut, die Antwort ist nicht sonderlich schwer: Ich. Mit Freunden. Die alle da studieren wollen. Bloß ich nicht, ich arme Außenseiterin! ;)


Das ist sie, die Marburg-Rasselbande. xD Johanna (links) ist der größte Marburg-Fan und sie freut sich wirklich schon sehr, auch wenn sie noch nicht genau weiß, WAS sie da studieren wird. xD
Die anderen beiden, Soffie (mitte) und Katha (rechts), waren auf der Hinfahrt noch ganz begeistert ("Ich mach auch meinen Master auf jeden Fall in Marburg!") und haben mich mitleidig angeschaut, ich arme, die nach Berlin muss, auf der Rückfahrt sah die Sache aber schon anders aus ("Meinen Master kann ich ja auch wo anders machen!").

Ich persönlich fand Marburg märchenhaft und ein bisschen verschlafen. Besuchen werde ich sie gerne (auch alle in einem Aufwasch dann!), aber leben möchte ich da auch nicht unbedingt. xD

Aber schön isses wirklich! (Noch zwei Bilder) )

Und ich bin NICHT schadenfroh oder so. Ich finde die Reaktionen lediglich interessant. :)
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I know, I know, I said I was gonna write this much sooner, but what can I say? I didn't really have time, my PC is terribly slow and also, I was lazy. But now here it comes. My Austria report! ♥

I was really looking forward to it, and expected Austria to be a nice place, but in the end it was a lot nicer then I had expected. (The sunny weather might also have played a role... xD)
And Bavaria... was... okay. I just can't bring myself to really like it, but when I'm honest, I have to say, it was quite nice.

So now, let my blah and the photos begin... )

Whew, that's it. I didn't really write as much as I wanted here, but please excuse me, I'm so very tired and my computer is so very annoying. Going to bed now and dreaming about my next holiday in Iceland.

Góða nótt everybody.
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Yeah, yeah, I know, I ranted about people who can only talk and panic about Abi (my friends getting worse, btw), but I barely seem to find another topic either. Please, forgive me.

My ma was really nice and made an "Abiplakat" for me which is awesome and yaytastic!

So have a pic:
(It says "Lycka till" (Good Luck in Swedish), in case you can't read it because of the wind...)

Awesome, isn't it? (Yes, I know, I'm pretty in love with the fact that I got an "Abiplakat".)

And now I asked myself, is there a tradation like this in other cities or countries, too? I know of one person who didn't know it when I asked him, but I think it's such a nice tradtion, making transparents for those who have to write final exams, that I don't want to and cannot believe it.

Please tell me. :)

Only three days left till math, OMG!
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Last winter was so very nice, it wasn't very cold and it didn't really snow at all! And now, it's not even December and when I look outside my window I see this:


That makes me one very sad panda! D:

I just... I don't like snow. It's all cold and wet and it may look nice but really, it's just very mean rain. I didn't even like snow when I was little and now this? Gnargh... Don't get me totally wrong, I can tolerate snow when I have holidays and can stay inside and look outside drinking hot tea. But now? I hate it. I can't go anywhere 'cause the streets are all wet and slippery and I already caught a cold. *sighs*

And when it's cold outside my cat stays inside all day and annoys me... Wanting to go outside every five minutes and then when I took him downstairs and he looks outside, he decides against it. *grargh*

But here, have photographical evidence that my cat is as cute as they get! )

It seems I'm spamming you with photos, I'm sorry. xD
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Got a new haircut + new colour. I'm loving it. Have a photo:


I don't like taking photos of myself as much as it seems...

Two more behind the cut. )

It's awesome, right? RIGHT? :D

PS: Please, ignore the shirt, it's... just ignore it, 'kay?

ETA: Sorry for F-List... spamming with the photo but I'm really not sorry at all because... BLUE HAIR. :)
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Few days ago I said I wanted to post a few photos from around where I live and here they are. :)

As you should (or could) know, I’m living in Kassel and now some information that could be new:

The quarter where I live is called "Vorderer Westen" and it really doesn’t get enough appreciation, just because it wasn’t a village before it belonged to Kassel but was built to create living space for people moving to the city in the 19th century (most people working for the railway). D: Anyway, when it was built it was called "Hohenzollern-Viertel" and I’m just mentioning it 'cause I love the name. xD

Anyway, let’s have pics. :)

Im Vorderen Westen wohnt man am besten! )

Phew, those were a lot of photos. I took some of them last week and some today. :D I love taking pictures, I just wish I had a better camera. :/
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So, yeah, I'm back. Amsterdam was awesome, very awesome. But I got my wallet stolen, that wasn't very awesome...

Anyway, I'm too tired and too busy with catching up stuff online to write a report and I don't have many pretty photos either, so just let me give you a few impressions.

Amsterdam, how much I love you! )
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Yeah, it was nice. I didn't meet enough people, but a lot and they were all nice and it's always good to meet old friends which you don't see often anymore again. :)

I didn't take a lot of pictures and the ones I did take were mostly of myself because I was bored...

Well, anyway, have some photos of my glorious pseudo cosplays! :D

pics = big = cut )
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So, as you all know, I was in Ireland for holidays and I really had a great time. <3

I also took lots of photos like I planned (or rather my ma did... xD), but I'm afraid they're not a pretty as you think, them being from Ireland, but merely your standard tourist photos.

If you want to look at them anyway, then follow this cut... )


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