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Sooo, Alice, the lovely internet and telephone provider I have a contract with, wrote me a letter, in which they told me, in order to have my contract cancelled I have to send them official proof from the registration office of the place where I'm moving! That doesn't sound all too bad, I think. :)
The only "problem" is that I won't have that until, maybe, the end of August, and that may be too late to cancel my contract until the 1st of September, but whatever. Paying Internet I don't use for one month is still much better than paying for it until April! :) And I didn't even have to bother them about it. A few days (two I think?) after I got the mail, the letter arrived. I am very pleased now. xD
Let's just hope, they stay true to their word if I send them proof. :P

Also concerning me going to Norway: My acceptance of the offer for housing was registered! \o/ I guess that can only mean that it's okay I pay the deposit during my first week in Norway and not (as specified in the contract) right now!
It really seems nothing is standing between me and my little room right in the Norwegian nowhere aynomore! Hurrah!
Although there is one thing that still bothers me. According to the contract I only have this room until the 31st of December, but I'm staying there till June at least! xD Oh well, let's hope that's some standard procedure thing. I shall bother them about it when I'm there and moved in. :)

ETA: Almost forgot! I made scones today! They are epic! But I ate too many (with my mother's homemade jam *__*), and now I feel sick, haha. xD
It was much easier than I would have thought. :) I always figured they were similar to the Norwegian "boller" which are a kind of tea buns, too, but those are far more work. Shall do scones more often now. :3
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Hey, kennt ihr das, wenn ihr stundenlang das selbe Lied hören könntet? (Und das vielleicht auch tut? :))

Das geht mir die ganzen letzten Tage so. Irgendwie seltsam. Aber immerhin ist es fast jeden Tag was anderes. :D

Neulich war's "Californication" von den Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Hach, aber ist das Lied nicht einfach nur toll? Ernsthaft. *luv*

Gestern und Vorgestern war's dann "Where My Heart Will Take Me" von Russel Watson. Das is' das Opening von der neuen Enterprise-Serie. Das ist ja wohl auch so schön! :)

Und heute (es steht ja schon so gut wie in der Überschrift und da unten bei Musik steht's auch ;)) ist es "Superman" von Lazlo Bane. Das ist das OPening von Scrubs. Das ist so ein schönes Lied. So rchtig schön! *schwärm*

Und irgendwie geht dieses "nur ein Lied den ganzen Tag"-Hören nur mit so chilligen Liedern. mit sowas friedlichem. Hehe! :D


Also, kennt ihr das? :)

Oh, und noch was! XD

Ich hab grad ein Soufflé gemacht. Ein Spinatsoufflé aus dem Kochbuch von der Sendung mit der Maus, ich schwöre euch, das ist das beste Kochbuch EVER!! Aber momentan hab ich noch ansgt, ob das auch was wird... Ich meine, Soufflés fallen ja gern mal zusammen... Bei meinem Glücl passiert das bestimmt auch. Naja, in 25 Minuten werd ich es wissen.

Wünscht mir Glück! XD


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