Jun. 12th, 2011

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I had just about forgotten how much I love the Beatsteaks! But now I am just back from the concert (in the Wuhlheide :)) and what can I say? The flame has been rekindled! :D

Was that ever an awesome concert! And it was pretty spectular, too, with fireworks and confetti and stuff! And now I'm very exhausted since I spent most of the time dancing or jumping. And singing of course! :D (But no pogo, I somehow wasn't in the mood, haha. xD)

Beforehand I was very worried that it would take ages to get back after the concert, since there were a lot (A LOT) of people and only one S-Bahn serving Wuhlheide, but after the concert I just walked swiftly and managed to just catch a rather empty (well, not really but comparatively empty) S-Bahn. That was pretty cool. :) But as some kind of trade-off, I did have to wait ages to actually get into the concert area! I had to wait in line one hour! And therefore missed the supporting act, but eh, ain't really sad about that... xD

Hah, I'm still all giddy 'cause it was such a cool concert. :) Since it was the opening concert (well, the realy one at least :P) I would recommend buying a ticket to, well, anyone really. xD

PS: I am aware I said I would post more often, but I don't have a lot to say these days. xD I will try to post more though, and you are very welcome to follow me on Twitter. ♥


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