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Yeah, yeah, if there's something everyone else has, I need it, too. I'm shallow like this. Shut up.

'Cause I'm a freak and thought "if I make a list, it will be absolutely complete, dammit", some links will take you outside LJ.

My Fanfics:

All My Senses, Bleach ficlets (fanfiction.net) - IchigoxRukia, fluff, angst, humor, PG, little ficlets
All My Senses, Bleach ficlets [German] (animexx.de) - IchigoxRukia, PG, Humor, Romance, vier Drabbles
Warum du sie retten wirst [German] (fanfiction.net) - IchigoxRukia, PG, Drama, und noch ein Drabble

Card Captor Sakura:
Time Is Worth More Than Two Pence - light ClowxYue, fluff, G, "Sometimes there’s the time to talk, sometimes there’s the time to rest, and sometimes there’s just the time to stay silent."

Die Ärzte - RPS
Eine empirische Studie über den komplexen Zusammenhang zwischen Wetter und Gefühlen [German] - Slash, PG, Drama, Manchmal schaut man aus dem Fenster und denkt „Ja, das passt ja” und manchmal, tja, manchmal eben nicht.
Schlafende Schlosshunde bellen nicht [German] - Slash, G, Drama, Angst, Weil alles einmal zu Ende gehen muss, ist es vielleicht besser, wenn man die Initiative ergreift. Oder vielleicht auch gerade nicht.
Stereotype Liebesgeschichte, die dreiundneunzigste [German] - Slash, B/F, PG, Fluff, Wer sagt denn, dass das echte Leben nicht kitschig sein kann? - Collaboration with [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan
Auf der Spitze des Eisbergs lebt es sich angenehmer [German] - Slashy, PG, Drama, Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, zu leben, und denk doch nur, was hätte sein können.
Abschied in nur einem Akt [German] - Slash, onesided B/F, G, Drama, Angst, Dann irgendwann kommt die Zeit, sich zu verabschieden.
Kannst du mich hören, wenn ich fortgehe? [German] - slightly slashy, B/F, PG-13, Angst, Drama, Jetzt steht Bela also alleine da.
(F-locked, man muss Comm-Mitglied von [livejournal.com profile] deine_schuld sein, um sie lesen zu können.)

Drake & Josh:
Guess What?! - Drake/Josh, fluff, PG, "Drake has great news. Or something like that."
At The Stroke Of Midnight - light Drake/Josh, fluff, G, "Drake has to contemplate some things before he's going to sleep."
The Music Keeps Playing - Drake/Josh, fluff, G, "Josh is at a disco... and he doesn’t like discos..."
Denial...? - Drake/Josh, fluff, silliness, PG/PG-13, "Drake’s in denial. Nothing had happened, really!"
Completely Hypothetical - Drake/Josh, fluff, silliness, PG-13, "Hypothetical questions can be quite tricky at times...", prequel to Denial...?

House, M.D.:
Should Have Been - Chase, character insight, G, "It was Christmas. Or at least it should have been."

Restraint - SoubixRitsuka, angst, PG, "'Sometimes I just want to fly away.'"
Unshackled - Soubi and Ritsuka, angst, G, "Sometimes Soubi wants to turn around then, to look away, to close his eyes at the sight. Sometimes he does."
Of Empathy And Compassion - SoubixRitsuka, flangst, PG, "Ritsuka hated it when Soubi patted his hair."

Special Unit 2:
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (fanfiction.net) - NickKate, romance, PG-13, "Kate is waiting for Nick at work and lets her thoughts wander."

South Park:
It’s All About Noticing - Stany/Kyle, angst, PG, "Stan sits in his room after a sort of fight with Kyle and contemplates his situation."
Summer Sucks? (fanfiction.net) - Stan/Kyle, fluff, PG, "Kyle doesn't particularly like summer. Maybe Stan is the one to cheer him up?"

Roll The Titles (Say Goodnight) - gen, PG, Sam knows, when Dean isn't here, he could very well be in hell.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:
Stargazing - FaiYuui, KuroFai(Yuui), angst, PG, Yuui always liked to look at the stars.
Tangled - SeishirouxSubaru, Kamui, gen-ish, angst, PG-13, What started in ashes, crashes in flames.

Wolf's Rain:
Behind Brown Eyes [German] (animexx.de) - Tôboe, Tsume, Hige, Kiba, Cheza, gen, R (wegen Gewalt), Drama, "Unter diesem klaren Himmel rannte er entlang, die Stille nur unterbrochen durch die dumpfen Geräusche seiner Pfoten auf dem Schnee und dem kristallenen Klirren seiner Armreifen, deren Silber im gleißenden Licht der Sonne schon fast weiß wirkte."

Beneath The Glint Of Moments And Dreams. - DoumekixWatanuki, Himawari, angst, fluff, PG-13 for swearing, "Of dreams, names and the wish to protect."
Listen To The Idle Haste Of Time - DoumekixWatanuki, angst, PG, "Somehow Doumeki hadn’t thought it’d end like this."

Yami no Matsuei:
Tales Of The Dog-Eared Idiot And The PMS-ing Teen - TsuzukixHisoka, angst, fluff, gen, PG-13, "50 sentences on Hisoka and Tsuzuki."

My Original Fiction (German):

Auf gläsernen Schwingen

Ein romantischer Text


My Fanarts:

Death Note:
L-kun - L and too much sugar (on my side...), sketchy.

'Anou~...' - Yama-chan (aka Matt xD), very little and very blushing.
Googlefight! - It's the Taito vs Yamachi round!
Googlefight Round 2! - Now it's the Kensuke vs Daiken round!

Drake & Josh:
Drake and Josh-Chibis.

Fruits Basket:
Once again, Googlefight! - Kyo vs Yuki, who'll win?

Ritsuka - Ritsuka. Coloured. On Computer, oh my!
Sketchy mini-Ritsuka
Ritsuka outlines
Natsuo and Youji - 'cause they're awesome!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:
Eh, lighten up, Kuro-tan. - Fay can always make Kurogane smile. Always.
Schooluniform!Kurogane! - Yes, that's it. On Valentine's Day.
Blue Fay.
Fay and Yuui. - Sketch.
Fay and Chii. - Sketch.
Kuro-santa Is Coming To Town. - Drawn for Christmas for [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi.

The Sparkly Gary Stu Vampire Detective Agency - CRACK!

104 Randomness. - Drawn for the "DoumekixWatanuki day", 4th October. ;D

Yami no Matsuei:
Hisoka - Just Hisoka. With big eyes.
Inu-Tsuzuki - You can get him do tricks for you for sweets. *g*
GOOGLEFIGHT! - Googlefight, guess who wins. *g*

My 'artistic evolution' - Art from 2000 till now.

A note on friending:

Most of this journal is open for everyone to read because, well, I don't think anyone I don't know would be interested in my life, but, you guessed it, the more personal stuff is friends-locked.
If you want to friend me, just drop a note here and tell me why.
I don't friend people back who I don't know and have no idea why they friended me.
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