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Hello and welcome to my Northern Hesse Appreciation Post! :)

I mean to post some photos of where I'm from practically whenever I get homesick and that is actually more often than you'd think, seeing as I'm generally pretty happy in Berlin. But! I just don't like the landscape here. I mean, Brandenburg is pretty in its own right, but I just don't get too see much of it, since I'm stuck in the city most of the time. And the landscape here lacks hills.

I guess the kind of nature and landscape you grow up in, always holds a special place in your heart. (At least it does with me. I am such a fangirl for nature - especially of the Northern Hesse variant! :))

Sooo, why am I posting this now? [livejournal.com profile] kiviraat posted some pretty awesome photos a few days ago and I got all landscape-y, and she kept telling me it sounded pretty where I'm from and so, there you have it! :D

So, thing is, the photos are from about last summer (June/July) and this winter (February/March) as those were the last times I was home, and I took them either near Kassel (where I'm from) or near Baumbach (a small village 50 km south of Kassel where my mother is from). So, without further ado, let it begin...

Picspam from home! )

So, that's it! :) Not very grand there, probably, but it's still the kind of landscape and nature I love most in the world because it's home, no matter how beautiful and wonderful and breathtaking other places are. <3
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I had just about forgotten how much I love the Beatsteaks! But now I am just back from the concert (in the Wuhlheide :)) and what can I say? The flame has been rekindled! :D

Was that ever an awesome concert! And it was pretty spectular, too, with fireworks and confetti and stuff! And now I'm very exhausted since I spent most of the time dancing or jumping. And singing of course! :D (But no pogo, I somehow wasn't in the mood, haha. xD)

Beforehand I was very worried that it would take ages to get back after the concert, since there were a lot (A LOT) of people and only one S-Bahn serving Wuhlheide, but after the concert I just walked swiftly and managed to just catch a rather empty (well, not really but comparatively empty) S-Bahn. That was pretty cool. :) But as some kind of trade-off, I did have to wait ages to actually get into the concert area! I had to wait in line one hour! And therefore missed the supporting act, but eh, ain't really sad about that... xD

Hah, I'm still all giddy 'cause it was such a cool concert. :) Since it was the opening concert (well, the realy one at least :P) I would recommend buying a ticket to, well, anyone really. xD

PS: I am aware I said I would post more often, but I don't have a lot to say these days. xD I will try to post more though, and you are very welcome to follow me on Twitter. ♥


May. 22nd, 2011 03:40 pm
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All Letters of Admission have been sent out via e-mail. Applicants on the waiting list have been contacted also individually via e-mail.

If you have not received any e-mail notification yet, you may expect a Letter of denial in week 23.

And guess who didn't receive any e-mail? That's right, me. -_- I feel like throwing up now.

ETA: Apparently there has been some kind of mix-up and the notification was only meant for "quota applicants". Which I am not. So: yay! (I hope... xD)
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I figured I could do a quick write-up of what I saw yesterday when I was at the jury finale of the ESC! :)

The first "exciting" thing that happened yesterday that our car broke down. Right when I was driving on the fast left lane, too... Ugh. The gear shift wouldn't work anymore, and so I kind of, well, rolled the car to the side lane (which was a little away, since when it happened there was a slip road...), but somehow I made it. Oh God, I was so nervous. But everthing went okay since my mother is ADAC Plus member, so we got a rental car for free. :)

The arena looks really cool! Much better in reality than on TV (or at least as it did on TV during the semifinals!) It's really gigantic, and because our tickets weren't really expensive, we sat waaaay away from everything, but it was also kind of cool since we could see everything. :)

Ah, maybe I'll write some more later, a friend just stopped by. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Moldova and Iceland this evening! :D
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So today I'm gonna go to the jury finale of the Eurovision Song Contest! Yay! :D

Me and my ma bought some of those cheap tickets for it way back, just because we'd like to see it live for once. Hehe, I don't even think we're gonna see much, but the sound is supposed to be good and the video wall thing is supposed to be gigantic! :D

I'm already pretty excited! Hope there will be enough time to look around Düsseldorf a little, too. From what I remember when I last was there, it's a pretty neat city! :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for Iceland and Moldova! Hope they make and good show so the juries will give them a lot of points. *g*

And let's hope that the other people who bought cards in this cheao catagory also want to dance and sing to those silly songs! (Sweden, Ireland, I'm looking at you! I also would be looking at Armenia if they had made it to the finale! No boom boom chacka chacka, woe!)
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So, my very nice holidays are over soon, and I got a confirmed version of my timetable from uni and thought I could share it. :)


AGAIN, I didn't manage to have one day off. xD And because of the "Blockseminar" (what's that in English?! Leo gives me "bloc seminar"?!) at the weekends I won't have a day off in three weeks. :( But otherwise my timetable is pretty neat! Notice my relaxing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! ;D

The topics are cool, too, for example "Kalevala and the Finnish culture" or "Scandinavian literature in medieval times". I just hope they're as interesting as they sound. xD

Another thing:

I backed up my LJ on Dreamwidth, just in case LJ just doesn't come back one day... :(

I'm "urania_hime" on DW, if anyone wants to add me. :)

Hei hei!

Apr. 4th, 2011 09:27 pm
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Helloooo Dreamwidth.

I guess it's nice here, but I still hope, LJ gets its shit together, if only for a day so I can import my entries at least.

Oh well.

*waves vaguely*

And I can't find my friend's page? Is it the reading page thing? And why is it empty? Off to find out!

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Sooo, feeling kind of sick today I stayed mainly in bed (yes, I'm also lazy) and read a lot of board discussions and articles and studies about nuclear energy, specifically (after Fukushima started depressing me a bit too much) about Germany's plans to abandon nuclear energy.

What I found very... weird and weirdly angry was among others and article from an English newspaper where they...
1.) called Germans idiots for not wanting nuclear energy
2.) moaned about how Germany doesn't pay enough to save the Euro
Last which I found curious 'cause I didn't know the UK had such a emotional opinion of the Euro...

But yeah, all the "waaaahhh, all Germans are unrealstic idiots, we will always need nuclear energy!!" (which you can read a lot on German boards, too, and I guess in contrast to some of the people going "we are gonna abandon nuclear energy until 2015, hurr hurr" has it's place, kinda balancing it out...) stroke me kinda... odd.

I mean, maybe probably the way I was raised plays a role in my current opinion of the whole deal, but really? How can you cling to something like decades old power plants and at the same time say "no, it is very scientific, I am a scientist, you know". I always thought scientists would be about innovation? Oh well.

And who I find... funny are all the people going "no, we can't not have those power plants! We'll have blackouts all the time!". ... Yes, because we have soooo many now that the old ones aren't supplying the German power network at the moment? ...

I don't even know why I have such a strong opinion on the matter. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Or no, scratch that, I just wish I was more savvy in the area, so I wouldn't have to rely on information I can find. :/

... Did somebody even read all my rambling? Heh.
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Hey y'all!

I haven written an update, a post or whatever you might call it on here in what feels like AGES! The sad truth is... I don't have anything interesting to say. Or I wouldn't be able to tell them in an interesting way. I just feel so listless and uncreative right now. I hope that stops when uni picks up again.

Norway was nice, and maybe I will post some photos here if I find some nice ones on my camera. :) I actually kind of still want to post pictures from my journey through Estonia, but God knows when I might ever get my lazy ass up to do that.

At the moment I spend my time playing Pokémon White. I quite enjoy it even though in the beginning the animations and stuff made me feel kind of dizzy and nauseated. It's weird...
Oh, haha, and recently a friend came over (we watched Paranormal Activity 2! :D) and I was nearly finished with a gym and I was all "wait, I just have to save!", and she asked "What are you playing?" Me: "Pokémon!". And for some reason it kind of pissed me off that she answered "Oh well, we all have our faults..."
Why is it supposed to be such an aweful thing to enjoy things even though you're not the target demographic. Why haven't people got over "Pokémon?! LOL, are you a 11-year old boy or what?!" yet? I don't know, it just upsets me. :(

And while we're on the subject, know what I enjoy, too? The new My Little Pony show. I loved that shit (the toys) as a kid and now still do. Yeah.

Now, if you excuse me, time for some more escapism.


Mar. 4th, 2011 01:37 pm
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So, this has been going on for a while; LJ has stopped sending me comment notifications. -_- Does anyone have a similar problem?
I already checked my settings and yeah, it SHOULD be sending me my fucking notifications! >/ GRAGH!

And I apologize if I didn't reply to any comments I should've and come across as rude. It's probably not my fault but LJ's...

I want my notifications, dammit!

So anyone knows what's up with that?
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Phew, actually I really have to continue working on my field work research report... thingy, but I really don't want to. :/ Well, I'll continue in 5 minutes. Yes. Totally.

Aaaanyway, like maybe some of you know, I'm going on a short holiday to Norway in a few days. Finally a chance to test my crazy Norwegian language skills. :P I bet they'll just answer me in English... "Jeg snakker ikke engelsk" will be my words of choice then. :P

Sooo, I wanted to ask if anyone would like a postcard? :) I really like postcards, they're so nifty! And I like writing them, too, so it's a win all around. ;)
If you want one, just drop me a note here! When you're address hasn't changed and you've already given it to me, I might be able to find it again... ;) otherwise just give me your address! :)

Comments are screened! :)

Wheee~ Norway!

Oh, and another question if anybody knows:
I have applied with Erasmus and got a place, yadda yadda, but now the university just doesn't... contact me. :( Is that normal? How long can it take? When is it not considered pushy to write a mail to ask?

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The subject line doesn't have anything to do with, well, anything, I just watched the film yesterday and liked it and needed a subject line. Also I AM TOTALLY A STAR, TOO! :P

Well, well, if this week went the best possible way it could! :)

If you're friends with me on Twitter, too, I might have already spammed you with my self-centeredness and I'm sorry for that, but yeah, I'm so happy right now! :)

Awesome things to happen to me this week:

- got an 1.3 in my Norwegian oral exam!
- written exams in Norwegian and Interscandinavian (is that a word? xD The subject is about understanding the other Scandinavian languages...) went okay, too, hope I didn't suck too much in Norwegian though xD
- passed the Old Icelandic exam which I never would have thought possible!
- finally got my European Ethnology term paper (from last summer) back and it turns out, I scored a 1.0! That's super awesome since this one grade accounts for my whole side studies (European Ethnology that is ;)) and thus I have 20 SP I finished with a 1.0!

And last but very much not least:


I was accepted for a place in Tromsø! Granted, it was the Erasmus programme which accepts practically everyone, but it's still making me insanely happy! :D I already signed the... "Annahmeerklärung", I don't know what it is in English... acceptance decleration maybe? Oh, well, anyway, I'm going to be there for almost a year, studying at the world's northernmost university and if that's not the epitome of cool (pardon the pun), then I really don't know what is. :)

Tromsø, here I come!

Click me for the uni website! :D

Isn't it pretty~?

And click me for the Tromsø tourist website!

Yeah! :D Oh, and now that uni is over for the semester I guess, I have enough time to post the third and last photo spam about my travel to the Baltic states. It's about Estonia. Does anyone still want to see it? :)

Så, ha det gøy, da, alle sammen! :D

And excuse my crappy English, I keep wanting to use Norwegian prepositions and shit, so that's that... :/
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You guys, I need your advice!

My "problem" is this:

I applied for an Erasmus place in Norway. Twice. One application was with my own institute for Bergen, and the other one was with another institute in Tromsø.
I always said I'd rather go to Tromsø (though I'm not sure why). Today is the deadline and the institutes should tell you whether you get an Erasmus place or not, and now I got a yes for Bergen. Which is cool in and on itself, but it says I should write them whether I would accept immediately. And I haven't heard anything from Tromsø, and now I'm so unsure.
What should I do? Just say yes? Do I really want to go to Tromsø rather than Bergen? I guess Bergen is bigger and not as far away. *sighs*

Heeeelp! D:

If my English is wonky I apologize! I have spent the last days writing/reading almost exclusively in Norwegian... it shows. xD
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My English is positively dreadful these days, so I'd rather write this in German. ;)

Gerade stelle ich mir meinen Stundenplan für nächstes Semester zusammen... ich hoffe, ich schaffe es endlich, auch mal einen Tag (außer des Wochenendes natürlich) freizuhaben! Und von meiner 26/28-Stunden-Woche würde ich auch gern wegkommen, vielen Dank.

Vor allem in Finnisch gibt es ein paar interessante Kurse, z.B. "Kalevala und die finnische Kultur". Kursvoraussetzung: Lektüre zur Einführung: Kalevala-Artikel in der deutschen Wikipedia. Herr-lich. :D

Außerdem gibt es einen Kurs "Fremd- und Zweitsprache", was bestimmt ganz interessant ist, wenn man später in die Lehre einsteigen will, was ich ja eigentlich vorhab, aber der Kurs ist wohl auf Schwedisch. :( Mal schauen...

ETA: So viele Möglichkeiten, ich kann mich kaum entscheiden! D: Ich denke, in Linguistik werde ich den strukturalistischen Kurs ("Sprachwandel in den skandinavischen Sprachen") statt den pragmatischen belegen. Aber bei Literaturwissenschaft? "Kulturtransfer – literarische Wechselbeziehungen zwischen deutsprachigen und skandinavischen Literaturen" oder "Literaturen des Ostseeraumes vs. Nordatlantische Literaturen. Probleme von Kanonisierung und Periodisierung"? Zu Hülfeee! D:
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I haven't posted in such a long time, so maybe I should. :)

Today, I visited the "Grüne Woche" here in Berlin with a friend. The entrance fee was kind of expensive (wel,, 8€ for students), so I really couldn't afford to buy a lot, but it was still nice to wander around and look and all those country booths. :) But I did eat some poffertjes and a Thüringer Rostbratwurst (what's that in English? I don't know...) and that was so tasty, I can't be too sad about not buying anything. :)
It's a really big fair, so we walked a lot. A LOT. Now my feet hurt and I just don't want to get up again... xD

On a different note: I'm thinking of going to see a movie tomorrow, and am debating between Rapunzel and Black Swan. Has anyone here seen them or one of them and has thoughts on the matter? :)

*hugs her f-list*
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The answer is: a very late Christmas card!

The Deutsche Post or whoever finally decided being nice and giving it to me! :D

Thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] shineofastar!! :D It totally made my day and it's such a cute and nice card, too! ♥ *hug* I had me smiling with its general awesomely niceness! :) You are so kind and cute! Eeeek, have another hug! *hug*

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I guess it's time for an entry.

So I finally was at the Jewish Museum today! :D I wanted to go there since I moved here (and even before that), but the opportunity never quite arose.
Today it did though (a friend had a free ticket and I tagged along), and boy, did I spend a long time there... It was really interesting and in parts really depressing, too. In the beginning of the exhibition they had several items relating to the holocaust and had their stories written beneath them. One was a deportation list to the KZs.
There was this Jewish girl who had to write the list of the people to be deported the following week (I think?). She wrote them till late at night (about four o'clock, every night) and the dread was growing she would have to write down her own name eventually. In the end she borded a deportation train voluntarily, in order to go with her friend.
When reading that I just wanted to cry right then and there.

But of course the museum is also about a lot of other subjects, like everyday Jewish life then and now. My favourite was a recording of interviews with pupils from a Jewish elementary school (kids are so adorable!) and a Batman kippah. :D
I can really recommend this museum if you're ever in Berlin! ♥

The "real" reason for this entry is supposed to be my 2010 book evaluation thing though.

And it's really sad but last year I only read 19 books. And 3 graphic novels. That's some literary fail right there. (This year I wanna make the 50 again, but I won't force myself to read, that never works out enjoyably for me.) Anyway. 19 books. Well, at least it's faster to write and rate them this way, eh?

Here it goes, my list of books 2010 (and probably the only meme-ish thing I will do about 2010) )

So, that's it. God, so few books, I still feel awful. xD

Has anyone of you read any of those and wants to discuss? I'm all for it. ♥

Also if you want to rec me something that'd make me a very happy panda. :D

ETA: Late happy new year, everyone! :D And thank you again for the Christmas cards, [livejournal.com profile] ayawinner, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus and [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic, they brightened the dark days so much. ♥
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Dear f-liiiist!

You know, I totally wanted to post this yesterday and in time, but I just didn't have enough time to get to my computer yesterday so here it is: I wish you...

Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Feliz Navidad!

Buon Natale!

God Jul!

Hyvää Joulua!

Heee~! :)

Have my favourite Christmas song:

Even if it's not very happy, it's still my favourite! ♥

So, I hope you also got nice presents? (Consumerism ftw! :P)

I got awesome stuff! A bag, a cooking book, a pocket calendar, a Pokémon game, a Rubik's Cube and concert tickets for Kaizer's Orchestra in Berlin!
And from some friends I also got presents! Yay! :D Among them tea (Vanillekipferl-Tee, awesomeness!) and a travel guide for Norway! Ohhh, I'm so excited whether I will go there next year! Eeeek!

If I didn't get them myself, I'd be pretty jealous. :P

Hope you also got nice things?

And, err, maybe thank you for the Christmas cards? I gave you all my Berlin adress and I'm in Kassel now, so I don't know if they're there yet. :)

Hugs to y'all! ♥
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First off: Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus for the card!! It's so brilliantly cute and had me smiling since I got it! :) It's already on the fridge to enrich the kitchen with its kitty cuteness. ♥

Second off: Hee, while I really can't afford (and wouldn't want to) the ESC finale, I'll be going to the jury finale! Much cheaper and so I can watch the real finale with friends and eat the host country's national cuisine at home like every year! :)

But what a failure the hosts are! Well, except for Anke Engelke. And I guess Judith Rakers is okay, too, but I am so sick of seeing Stefan Raab's face everywhere as soon as the ESC is concerned. I am deeply annoyed. Also I wanted Hape Kerkeling to host it. *sighs* And while we're at me being annoyed, that Lena is singing for Germany again is also crap. I hope we end up low and they will take the Grand Prix away from Mr Raab again. >(
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So, turns out I wasn't exaggerating when I said it'd be months before I got around to posting some more pictures... Who'd have thought! xD

I proudly present you here: photos from my travel across the Baltic states way back this summer! Today: Lietuva aka Lithuania! :)

So, to jog your memory a bit, here is the last post I made, the one about Latvia. So check it to see what this post is about (in the likely case that you've forgotten it over the last two months xD), if you want to. :)

To match it to the last post, it'd be nifty to start with a song again, yes? ;) Aaaand I chose you, glittery Eurovision band! xD

I actually really love this song and still think it's a shame they didn't make it to the finals. The text also is very Baltic, so I guess it fits in here. :)

Image-heavy glory this way comes! :D )

So, yeah, those were a lot of photos... :)

Hope you enjoyed it and see you again in the last part about Estonia? ♥

ETA: So... I just noticed I haven't resized the pictures beforehand... I won't go through them now because if I do I might go insane! So yeah. Hope you have good bandwidth.


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