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Okay, so I'll try to update my LJ now, and hope there isn't another DdoS attack! I've been meaning to do that for quite a while now, but LJ has been down every time. :/

And I've been neglecting my flist dreadfully and am very sorry. I had quite a bit to do the last week(s) and just handed in my home exam yesterday. So now I have aaaall the time in the world to procrastinate and catch up with everyone. :)

Sooo, I still love it here in Tromsø. And it's not as if nothing has happened, but there hasn't been a lot happening either, so I thought I could post some pictures until I can think of something interesting to write.

Now we have already entered the polar night, and it is dark a lot, but I took a walk to the shops on the 18th, one of the last days where you could see the sun above the mountain, and because I was very lucky, there was a beautiful sunset (at midday!) and lots of pretty snow. Fortunately, I took my camera with me.

And here are the photos. )

Oh, and I'm about to get the Christmas cards, so if you want one, drop me your address here, and I still need to know whether I got your address right, [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi!

<3 you all!

ETA: And I almost forgot AGAIN that I forgot the birthdays of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic and [livejournal.com profile] ai_chi this month, so I'm very sorry, and I hope you had a nice birthday! ♥
And if I forgot more birthdays, I'm sorry! I'm just really horrible at remembering them.
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I haven't updated for quite some time, I'm sorry. :( I just never seem around to doing it. And the stuff I do these days isn't really exciting. It consists mostly of trying to write my Super Imporant Paper for my German uni, becoming a social recluse because I have to write a Super Important Paper for my German uni, and moaning about becoming a social recluse AND about my paper. But yesterday cool things happened, so I feel like sharing my joy with you! ;)

On Monday I couldn't go to uni because I had a really, really bad headache, and that really sucked because my favourite course is on Monday. I was all annoyed about my headache (and my paper - it's consistent annoyance), but then this girl I have the course with messaged me on Facebook telling me we got a card for a musical from our teacher! I loooove musicals (even though I'm really not a musical expert), so I was very excited! I was kind of unsure whether we had to pay for it, but though even if we had to, I would just invest it because musical are cool.

Turns out we didn't have to pay for it! It was a gift from our teacher. <3 Or rather from the uni. Apparently our teacher applied for some money from a uni fund which exists so - wait for it - students enjoy being students! Best thing ever, yes? :D The cards were pretty expensive, too, 280 NOK which is about 35 €.

So we went to the musical yesterday, The Black Rider, and I thought it was really, really good. <3 The costumes and the stage were insanely pretty, and the performances were really good, too, and the translated dialogue was really funny! The musical started with the narrator coming into the foyer telling us to come in, and then inside he stood on the stage and thanked us for coming and not watching TV even though we were missing such exciting programmes as "E-koli - do we eat chemicals?" and listed some other programmes that were on that evening. It was just really funny. :)

They even have a trailer on YouTube:

And apparently Morten Abel is famous here. :D

The theatre building itself is really cool, too! So glad I could go! I hope I can go again. :)

Should probably post some more pictures in my next entry, but the truth is I haven't taken a lot the last few weeks, sorry! Will try to be better about it. <3
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Hei world!

I'm still in Norway and still find everything to be pretty awesome! :D

Actually, I just made a post to share a silly little thing with you because I need to share this. Because it's awesome.

So, as you know, I live in a student housing complex. (I really like my flatmates btw. :3))

A few days ago we got a note in our hallway (of our flat, I don't even know why the housekeeper is allowed to just wander in?! I find that a bit scary to be honest). The note said that we should please remove our shoes from our hallway (because in a case of emergency and blahblah). Obviously we keep our shoes there and not in our rooms because 1) we don't want to traipse through the flat with our shoes and get dirt everywhere and 2) that would be stupid.
So everyone saw the note and was just like "lol, how about no" and ignoring it. THEN we get another note saying they will remove our shoes and throw them away if we don't do it ourselves. Uhhmmm. Well, whatever. We took them in our rooms, but everybody was just like "whatever, we'll just put them back after they've checked".

But apparently that wasn't enough for Håvard who just taped a not over the note saying something along the lines of "the shoes are not hindering anybody from getting out in a case of emergency, so I don't see the necessity of removal, we will comply, but still think it's stupid. Also, we will put them back in winter, just saying."

And he even signed it. xD I love my flatmates so much. xD

Also, written out it sounds kinda lame, sorry, but it really made me laugh. :3
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Hello World! :D

Here I am again, bearing photos and even more photos from this beautiful town in this beautiful country! :)

Actually, I've been meaning to write an update for quite a while, but in the end was always to lazy... but that changes now, and here come an aweful lot of pictures from...

... my most awesome uni! )

... my most awesome way to/from uni! )

... my most awesome other photos that I can't give a collective name to! )

Soooo, phew, those were a lot of pictures! I hope you enjoyed though! :D I will try to update/comment more often again... if anyone even wants that, that is. :P
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Today was our last trip we all did together as this year's group of international students of the University of Tromsø, and it was an amazing trip! :D

We went to the Grøtfjord beach to barbecue and you could go hiking or fishing if you wanted! I did actually go hiking and it was so much fun, and the nature was soooo beautiful, but it was pretty exhausting, too, which is the reason I'll just dump some photos here, and maybe don't write too much about everything! :)

We went up the Brattfjell which means 'steep mountain' and that it is. )

So, that's about it. It was really cool. Want to go hiking again soon! :D
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Hei hei, alle sammen! :D

First things first: this is the view from my room:


So, as you might or might not know, the air-traffic controller strike was cancelled just five hours before it was due to start which means, everthing went fine with my flight! :D

At the airport in Berlin I met a guy who studies with me and is going to oslo for five months, so that was really good against any first bouts of fright, I could have had! :)

When I arrived in Tromsø in the evening, there were people from the university waiting, I got my keys, and took the bus (the normal one from the public transportation system, nothing fancy :P) to my student hostel, together with some other exchange students I met at the airport!

In my flat (it's kinda lika a flat, 6 people sharing a kitchen and three sharing a bathroom) there is only one other guy atm, Roman, and he is soooo nice. :) Made me tea yesterday evening and gave me Russian chocolate! <3 He is from Russia but has lived in Norway for years now, so we spoke Norwegian. The other four people living here are Norwegians and still on their semester holiday. xD

And this is the view from the kitchen window. :) )

So, today was my first day of the introductory programme from the university and I already met a lot of people from all over the world - and quite a lot from Germany too, of course. :P
I really love the uni! It has such a nice campus and the buildings are kind of cute and it has a rather big bookstore in the basement which isn't even more expensive but rather cheaper than ordinary book shops. ♥

We got food and coffee and biscuits for free and I talked a lot of English today. It went... pretty well actually. xD There were a lot of things we did and listened to and now I'm just exhausted. When I came home, I first set up the Internet and Roman helped me! He's so nice! And then he even showed me the way to the next supermarket and I bought some food. I bought 18 eggs because they cost the same as 6 would have! I would never do that in Germany, but I was just overwhelmed how expensive everything really is. xD

Really good day. :3 Hope tomorrow continues that way, I am rather afraid I'll suffer from a case of serious homesickness one of these days.
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Sooo, Alice, the lovely internet and telephone provider I have a contract with, wrote me a letter, in which they told me, in order to have my contract cancelled I have to send them official proof from the registration office of the place where I'm moving! That doesn't sound all too bad, I think. :)
The only "problem" is that I won't have that until, maybe, the end of August, and that may be too late to cancel my contract until the 1st of September, but whatever. Paying Internet I don't use for one month is still much better than paying for it until April! :) And I didn't even have to bother them about it. A few days (two I think?) after I got the mail, the letter arrived. I am very pleased now. xD
Let's just hope, they stay true to their word if I send them proof. :P

Also concerning me going to Norway: My acceptance of the offer for housing was registered! \o/ I guess that can only mean that it's okay I pay the deposit during my first week in Norway and not (as specified in the contract) right now!
It really seems nothing is standing between me and my little room right in the Norwegian nowhere aynomore! Hurrah!
Although there is one thing that still bothers me. According to the contract I only have this room until the 31st of December, but I'm staying there till June at least! xD Oh well, let's hope that's some standard procedure thing. I shall bother them about it when I'm there and moved in. :)

ETA: Almost forgot! I made scones today! They are epic! But I ate too many (with my mother's homemade jam *__*), and now I feel sick, haha. xD
It was much easier than I would have thought. :) I always figured they were similar to the Norwegian "boller" which are a kind of tea buns, too, but those are far more work. Shall do scones more often now. :3


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