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Dearest f-list!

I have a liiiittle request to make...

I am bored out of my mind these days (mainly because I just keep ignoring university and Finnish. I just don't want to study...) and normally when this happens I read, but thing is: I just haven't been able to find a book that really grabs my interest in months. I'm reading this and that and have about 7 books lying around that I began reading, but just haven't found the motivation to finish...

So, I'd be very glad and happy if anyone could rec my some books? I don't really care about genres, I just want something that, well, just grabs you and doesn't let you go. :)

Sooo, anything in mind? What are your favourite books?

I will be gratefull forever for any recs. ♥
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It is indeed and the air smells of it, wonderfully so! :D I just love autumn, for me it's the very best season. The colours are bright and even when the sky is grey, the colours even though muted still shine.
So it's time for me to out all my favourite emo music on my mp3-player and wander the streets and the parks while listening to it on full blast! :D I don't know, in autumn that just seems like the thing to do (as it is playing FFVIII in winter).

Aaaanyway, other than exclaiming my neverending love for autumn, this post actually serves a purpose! :D

Let me start with a little anecdote. ;)

Recently [livejournal.com profile] isegrim_chan and I were at the Comic Galerie since we had some time on our hands before the film we wanted to see started. And I discovered what I had expected for quite some time, I don't know shit anymore about manga (and anime for that matter). I stood there and most manga lying around I had never heard of. I was quite happy when I discovered Kenshin and Loveless and such, 'cause they were at least things I did know. xD While I find that kind of sad, I guess it can't be helped. :/ BUT! All that reminded me of that I actually really like reading manga (especially soapy ones xD).
I hope some of you still have at least one eye on new publications, so I want to ask for some recs. :) I'm basically looking for anything that can grab your attention, but I'd be quite happy to be directed in the direction of something kitschy like Missile Happy or Marmelade Boy or Peach Girl. xD And it'd be really awesome if the recs were published in Germany or at least easy to get. I just don't feel much like readong them on PC (But if you know of something awesome, please link. ;))

So, please help?? I'll be grateful forever! :D


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