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So yeah, you all feared it, begged I wouldn't write it, but what can I say? I just did!

So here's my report of my trip to London. I was only there for four days, but you can accomplish a lot during four days if you run around constantly.

Cut for length and OMG THAT ARE LOTS OF PHOTOS! ;) )

Totally different subject: Hey, [livejournal.com profile] seelentherapie, remember that fic I promised you for Christmas? The one you propbably thought would never be written? IT IS! I FINISHED IT! :D I just have to proofread it and have it beta'd a little and then I'll finally post it. Hope it still makes you happy or something even if it is *very* belated. ^^;

ETA: In case you wonder why I am on most of these pics, my ma and I have a rule that says we try never to take photos without a person we know (in this case us) 'cause then they'll get boring. People on photos help keeping them interesting. We think.
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Yeah, that's right, I'm back. :)

London was awesome and I'm gonna write a veeeeery long report (with weather description for [livejournal.com profile] flamie_chan! xD) later. Right now I'm just gonna catch up on my f-list and answers comments and blah. ^-^ The 4-hour drive yesterday night was quite annoying. =_= I hate Frankfurt Hahn, it isn't anywhere NEAR Frankfurt at all... >.<

Hope everyone had a nice time. :)
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I kinda feel crappy today, so I decided to ditch gym class. Really, I feel like throwing up... and I still fell guilty for ditching! DAMMIT! But I'm gonna do it anyway... I don't even know in which gym we have today, so if I were going, I would attend with a 50% chance or something. :/

Okay, so today we had a history exam for which I... didn't really leran! D: OH NOEZ! But I think it went okay. Or at least I hope so...

Oh, and I think my creativity is back! Yay!! Or a little of it at least. Man, if I'm ever gonna have a writer's block like that again, it's too soon... -.- So maybe I'll get some fics finished during Easter holidays. <3
When I'm not in London, that is! Yeah, you read right! *g* I'm so happy to go to London, even if it's only for four days. I'm going with my ma and we already booked musicals and Madame Tussauds! xD Oh, and the Millenium Wheel! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!! :DDD I'm gonna have to take lots of photos. And practice my English on unsuspecting Britons! *grins evilly* Wahahaha! xDDD And go, shopping~, oh, shopping. <333
I was in London for a few hours two years ago (after the student exchange thing with Jersey) and it was great. I hope it's even greater when you actually have time to do something. :)

I wonder if London's better than Rome. Hmmm... Oh, and next I have to go to Paris! :D And then... aww, I love visiting cities. <333

Another totally unrelated thing: I noticed that I am a lot more emotional than I was when I was thirteen. xD I rewatched Dark Angel on the weekend ('cause that was the only thing my mind could manage after Soffie's birthday party. Good thinking going to a cocktail bar when you didn't want to get drunk... *rolls eyes*) ... and where was I? Ah, right! Dark Angel! So I rewatched it and when I came to the episode where Max meets Ben (first season! Whooooo!) I had to cry at the ending. And when I was thirteen I didn't even think it was that sad. But now... OMG, I still think it's so tragic that even thinking about it makes me sad. ;____; Awwwww, Ben, you crazy psycho! *hearts*
... Does anyone of you even know Dark Angel? ... uhm... Check it out! THE DRAMA! D:

Also! MINIRANT! (I really feel like ranting... <_<):

Dear Nickelodeon (the German variation)... or Nick, as you like to call yourselves so fashionably,
while I welcome that you show Drake & Josh episodes, more precisely the new episodes of season 4, I have to tell you that now I almost know them all by heart. Yes, that happens when you show the same 10 episodes for months. Daily. Now I'd like to watch the old ones again. The ones that you weren't showing over and over and over and OVER AGAIN. Thank you.
Without that much love, me.

So, now I'm gonna go to sleep! (Yes, at 3:30 pm...) Urania over and out!


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