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OMG OMG, so today I was able to not miss the clue on Pottermore and submitted everything and OMG! *___*

It's not even funny how excited I am, I am practically sitting bouncing on my bed! xD I can't wait for the welcome mail, I just caaaaaan't. If I have to wait till the 30th of September I might just die with excitement.

I began reading HP when I was ten and now I'm turning 22, and that means in all my life I have known HP longer than not and I feel like I'm 10 again and got the Prisoner of Azkaban for Easter. (Also the only time my mother ever gave me something as big for Easter, but that just shows you HOW MUCH I LOVE(D) THOSE BOOKS! I wouldn't shut up and had already spent all my money on the second one. xD)

Oh, Harry Potter, I will never stop loving you beautiful, beautiful books. *sobs*

Also pretty clever of them to launch the site just after releasing 7.2 in cinemas. xD I bet quite some people got a nostalgic flashback.

OH GOD, I want my welcome mail noooow.

And the usernames are the silliest. xD GlowSpirit77?! Wahahahaha. xD

ETA: Also, lol, why are my fannish entries so often about HP?! It's not even like I'm really in that fandom. xD Oh well... It's just what those books do to me. xD
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OMG, you guys, I went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" with some friends today, and I liked it sooo muchhhhh~! ♥

We went to see it in the original version, undubbed, which was nice, too. I was actually kind of worried, because just some months ago, I had some problems with understanding British English, but it turns out my remedy of watching British shows on YouTube really helped, so I understood everything! :D Though it was quite a change hearing their original voices. I watched all the other films dubbed in German, because I was too lazy to care... xD But now we made an effort and went to the cinema at Potsdamer Platz where they show the original versions, and that was nice. Even though we had to watch it in 3D which I really still don't like. <<

Some spoilers and fangirling behind the cut! )

So, I guess that's enough rambling! :P Did you already see it? Any thoughts? Do you plan to?
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Ahaha, worum poste ich das überhaupt? Ehhh, weil mir langweilig ist, und ich das doch halbwegs interressant finde. ^^ Ein Interview mit JKR (auf deutsch, war zu faul, das englische zu suchen! XD), und es ist soooo laaaaang!

So viele Spoiler für DH, das geht auf keine Kuhhaut mehr! )
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I really wouldn't suggest you to read this post, if you haven't finished Deathly Hallows and care about knowing the ending.

This also contains spoilers for the end of Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and Digimon (yeah, get over it...).

So having that said the absolutely spoilerish entry follows.... )


Jul. 18th, 2007 01:29 pm
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I have my theoretical driving exam on the 24th July... but I don't know if I'll be able to learn because Harry Potter comes out the 21st. Dammit! I could just buy it and read it very fast and then I could learn, but I don't think that'd work. The other option's that I buy it after I had my exam. But I want to know how it ends. :(

Dammit! XD

I bet I'll buy it and read it and screw up the exam. :/
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Mir war mal wieder langweilig (ui, is' mir ja sonst nie!) und da hab ich mir die HP-Cover, die es so rund um die Welt gibt angeschaut. Jetzt muss ich sagen, es gibt schöne... und weniger schöne! xD

Und jetzt hab ich eine Hitlist (oder sowas in der Art) gemacht. ^^ Ja, mir war sehr langweilig. Aber dafür gibt's jetzt in meinem LJ viele Harry Potter-Bilder schöne Bilder. :)

Und am siebten Tag schuf Gott die Langeweile... )

Tja, was soll ich sagen? Vielleicht bin ich zu leicht zu begeistern. XD Tja, und wenn schon, dann bin ich eben begeistert. ;)

HAHAHA, mir war seeehhhr langweilig! ;D


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