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Hei hei, alle sammen! :D

First things first: this is the view from my room:


So, as you might or might not know, the air-traffic controller strike was cancelled just five hours before it was due to start which means, everthing went fine with my flight! :D

At the airport in Berlin I met a guy who studies with me and is going to oslo for five months, so that was really good against any first bouts of fright, I could have had! :)

When I arrived in Tromsø in the evening, there were people from the university waiting, I got my keys, and took the bus (the normal one from the public transportation system, nothing fancy :P) to my student hostel, together with some other exchange students I met at the airport!

In my flat (it's kinda lika a flat, 6 people sharing a kitchen and three sharing a bathroom) there is only one other guy atm, Roman, and he is soooo nice. :) Made me tea yesterday evening and gave me Russian chocolate! <3 He is from Russia but has lived in Norway for years now, so we spoke Norwegian. The other four people living here are Norwegians and still on their semester holiday. xD


So, today was my first day of the introductory programme from the university and I already met a lot of people from all over the world - and quite a lot from Germany too, of course. :P
I really love the uni! It has such a nice campus and the buildings are kind of cute and it has a rather big bookstore in the basement which isn't even more expensive but rather cheaper than ordinary book shops. ♥

We got food and coffee and biscuits for free and I talked a lot of English today. It went... pretty well actually. xD There were a lot of things we did and listened to and now I'm just exhausted. When I came home, I first set up the Internet and Roman helped me! He's so nice! And then he even showed me the way to the next supermarket and I bought some food. I bought 18 eggs because they cost the same as 6 would have! I would never do that in Germany, but I was just overwhelmed how expensive everything really is. xD

Really good day. :3 Hope tomorrow continues that way, I am rather afraid I'll suffer from a case of serious homesickness one of these days.
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