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OMG, you guys, I went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" with some friends today, and I liked it sooo muchhhhh~! ♥

We went to see it in the original version, undubbed, which was nice, too. I was actually kind of worried, because just some months ago, I had some problems with understanding British English, but it turns out my remedy of watching British shows on YouTube really helped, so I understood everything! :D Though it was quite a change hearing their original voices. I watched all the other films dubbed in German, because I was too lazy to care... xD But now we made an effort and went to the cinema at Potsdamer Platz where they show the original versions, and that was nice. Even though we had to watch it in 3D which I really still don't like. <<

So, you wanna know what I liked most? The Snape flashback! I never liked Snape before, really, I didn't, but this flashback, you guys, it made me like him SO MUCH. ;___; Little Snape looked so cute, and Little Lily was so cute, too, it confused all my feelings I have for Snape (which were none but dislike). But now, I had a serious case of Snape-fangirling... I never thought that would be my thing, haha.
Also, I was very gleeful for all this Neville/Luna shipping the film had! I always kind of shipped them in the books (just because I liked both, I guess), and all this cutesy not-really-sub text made me grin like a fool! xD I don't care that it's not cool or not being a serious fan to like Neville and Luna, but I just adore them so much. ♥
The film did have too little Ginny, though, I think. I don't quite remember the book, was she so unimportant there, too? :/
And, ahahaha, the epilogue! xD No way they could pull off looking like 36-year-olds! That was a little ridiculous, but whatever. I never liked the epilogue much anyway, so the whole absurdness actually made me enjoy it more, haha. xD

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I like Prof. McGonagall! She's awesome! :D As is Molly Weasley, but not as much as McGonagall! xD

So, I guess that's enough rambling! :P Did you already see it? Any thoughts? Do you plan to?
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