Jun. 24th, 2011

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Hello and welcome to my Northern Hesse Appreciation Post! :)

I mean to post some photos of where I'm from practically whenever I get homesick and that is actually more often than you'd think, seeing as I'm generally pretty happy in Berlin. But! I just don't like the landscape here. I mean, Brandenburg is pretty in its own right, but I just don't get too see much of it, since I'm stuck in the city most of the time. And the landscape here lacks hills.

I guess the kind of nature and landscape you grow up in, always holds a special place in your heart. (At least it does with me. I am such a fangirl for nature - especially of the Northern Hesse variant! :))

Sooo, why am I posting this now? [livejournal.com profile] kiviraat posted some pretty awesome photos a few days ago and I got all landscape-y, and she kept telling me it sounded pretty where I'm from and so, there you have it! :D

So, thing is, the photos are from about last summer (June/July) and this winter (February/March) as those were the last times I was home, and I took them either near Kassel (where I'm from) or near Baumbach (a small village 50 km south of Kassel where my mother is from). So, without further ado, let it begin...

Picspam from home! )

So, that's it! :) Not very grand there, probably, but it's still the kind of landscape and nature I love most in the world because it's home, no matter how beautiful and wonderful and breathtaking other places are. <3


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