Mar. 28th, 2011

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Hey y'all!

I haven written an update, a post or whatever you might call it on here in what feels like AGES! The sad truth is... I don't have anything interesting to say. Or I wouldn't be able to tell them in an interesting way. I just feel so listless and uncreative right now. I hope that stops when uni picks up again.

Norway was nice, and maybe I will post some photos here if I find some nice ones on my camera. :) I actually kind of still want to post pictures from my journey through Estonia, but God knows when I might ever get my lazy ass up to do that.

At the moment I spend my time playing Pokémon White. I quite enjoy it even though in the beginning the animations and stuff made me feel kind of dizzy and nauseated. It's weird...
Oh, haha, and recently a friend came over (we watched Paranormal Activity 2! :D) and I was nearly finished with a gym and I was all "wait, I just have to save!", and she asked "What are you playing?" Me: "Pokémon!". And for some reason it kind of pissed me off that she answered "Oh well, we all have our faults..."
Why is it supposed to be such an aweful thing to enjoy things even though you're not the target demographic. Why haven't people got over "Pokémon?! LOL, are you a 11-year old boy or what?!" yet? I don't know, it just upsets me. :(

And while we're on the subject, know what I enjoy, too? The new My Little Pony show. I loved that shit (the toys) as a kid and now still do. Yeah.

Now, if you excuse me, time for some more escapism.


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