Jan. 7th, 2011

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I guess it's time for an entry.

So I finally was at the Jewish Museum today! :D I wanted to go there since I moved here (and even before that), but the opportunity never quite arose.
Today it did though (a friend had a free ticket and I tagged along), and boy, did I spend a long time there... It was really interesting and in parts really depressing, too. In the beginning of the exhibition they had several items relating to the holocaust and had their stories written beneath them. One was a deportation list to the KZs.
There was this Jewish girl who had to write the list of the people to be deported the following week (I think?). She wrote them till late at night (about four o'clock, every night) and the dread was growing she would have to write down her own name eventually. In the end she borded a deportation train voluntarily, in order to go with her friend.
When reading that I just wanted to cry right then and there.

But of course the museum is also about a lot of other subjects, like everyday Jewish life then and now. My favourite was a recording of interviews with pupils from a Jewish elementary school (kids are so adorable!) and a Batman kippah. :D
I can really recommend this museum if you're ever in Berlin! ♥

The "real" reason for this entry is supposed to be my 2010 book evaluation thing though.

And it's really sad but last year I only read 19 books. And 3 graphic novels. That's some literary fail right there. (This year I wanna make the 50 again, but I won't force myself to read, that never works out enjoyably for me.) Anyway. 19 books. Well, at least it's faster to write and rate them this way, eh?

Here it goes, my list of books 2010 (and probably the only meme-ish thing I will do about 2010) )

So, that's it. God, so few books, I still feel awful. xD

Has anyone of you read any of those and wants to discuss? I'm all for it. ♥

Also if you want to rec me something that'd make me a very happy panda. :D

ETA: Late happy new year, everyone! :D And thank you again for the Christmas cards, [livejournal.com profile] ayawinner, [livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus and [livejournal.com profile] angrylogic, they brightened the dark days so much. ♥


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